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OK I forgot. Darren Stuart sent this to me months & months ago and I said that I would feature it in the run up to the World Cup. I then promptly forgot. I should’ve wrote something down, I think I did. But I probably threw the bit of paper away.

I have to bake a big apology cake for Darren and thank him for his patience. Ever since sending the following he’s been leaving the occasional comment and dropping subtle hints at the same time, but for some reason it didn’t register. I did actually think that I had already posted it. It is apparent now that I did no such thing.

So just in time… Just before they kick off tomorrow (or maybe today by the time you get to read this) a remixed version of yes, that song…

I don’t know why Broudie or Baddiel or the other one got out their little black book to call their showbiz friend and re-record the song when they could have just issued this remix:

Three Lions

» Lightning Seeds/Baddiel & Skinner – Three Lions (Darren Stuart Multimix)

Chris at Obscure Music and Football with the skill of a surgeon, dissects the differences between the 1996 and 1998 versions of Three Lions.


3 Replies to “England Versus…”

  1. Dizzee Rascal and “Gavin & Stacey” star James Corden have turned my least favorite Tears for Fears hit into a chart-topping England anthem?
    Ahh… the World Cup always produces some strange musical bedfellows…

  2. Hurrah!!! Finally posted. Sent this onto friends to check out. I know what’s gonna happen…naff all!!! One of them’s working for the network that’s covering the World Cup, so he’ll be too busy to open the link. The others just won’t be asred!!!

    Who needs enemies, etc…

    Just ‘Googled’ this, and I see it’s slowly making its way to other sites…(slight) fame, at last!!!

    Cheers chap!!!

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