We take a moment out to remember a couple of characters close to Football and Music, who we lost this year…

Denizo and Frank

– Starting with somebody you don’t know, but he was one of the stalwarts on the F&M Prediction League.

When I joined Twitter the 2nd person I followed was Denizo, aka Dennis Kelly.

When the season (prediction and Premier League) was over, we were all looking forward to the World Cup and then on May 23rd I received some very shocking news… Denizo was gone.

Shocking because of the obvious unexpectedness. As it happens with these things there was no warning, everything was fine the night before.
Denizo will be missed on Twitter and on the predictions. Always funny with his posts, kept me company on the shoutbox.

Below is a series of photographs of Dennis sent to me by Orna (Bubbles on the prediction league), one of his many friends.

[nggallery id=7]

Bubbles told me that Denizo, an American born Irishman, had a tune associated with him. It was this song that was played as they carried his coffin into the church. It made people laugh and cry at the same time.

The song might not be familiar to some of us because the TV show, Greatest American Hero, to which this track was the theme tune, wasn’t shown in the UK.

Greatest American Hero
» Joey Scarbury – Believe It Or Not
(Theme to The Greatest American Hero)

– Some of you may have spotted it on Seinfeld though.

This next bloke you will be very familiar with, he was featured on F&M quite a few times and as you can see with the header image above we’ve created a permanent tribute to Frank Sidebottom.

Football and music should be approached in the Frank Sidebottom way, wearing a big red nose (or in his case, a big fibre glass head). It is something that raises a few chuckles because it’s a comedy sideshow. It should never, ever be taken seriously.

A gallery of Sidebottom:

[nggallery id=8]

I’ve pretty much done everything involving Frank and footie & music on here already, so I’ve chosen a couple of different tunes to commemorate his memory. The first one is Frank fretting about paying his electricity bill.

» Frank Sidebottom – Electricity

Ah NORWEB… what memories…

This next one was selected because Frank mentioned in an interview that this was one of his favourite songs to perform:

» Frank Sidebottom – Mr Custard

– You can still find lots of Sidebottom all over t’internet:

Finally to steal a quote by the man above:

Dennis.   Frank.   Thank you.

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