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Diamond Lights - what I should have called this place
Diamond Lights – what I should have called this place

Football and Music is run by a British Expat now living in North Carolina in the USA.

The website was born not by design but by accident.

One day for reasons unknown to me now I wanted to watch the Anfield Rap video again.
I think I wanted to remind myself of how craptacular it was.
After this I began looking at other football/musical items and then had that eureka moment. As I was looking I discovered there was much, much more out there than I imagined.
I must tell people about this…

Over the years I’ve discovered some gems. But most of the time they are horrors. You will discover that football and music is a genre that shouldn’t exist. But it does. Something I thought wouldn’t last, but every day I find something new. This journey never seems to end.

– I always welcome any submissions. Please send me anything you find. It doesn’t matter if I already know about it. The more information I have the better.

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