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Unlike many in their country the rest of us took notice about this time last year when the USA beat Spain and then were leading at half time against Brazil in the Confederations Cup. On their day they can beat anybody. England are well aware of this and will give them the respect they deserve.

Ultimately this match will not mean much (as long as both teams qualify out of the group), but the USA don’t like to lose. At anything. Always want to win.

Some of their squad have had excellent preparation with the above Clint Dempsey (aka Deuce), earning his stripes with Fulham. Of all the players he is the one I am very wary of. Especially when he does this sort of thing. He’s the danger here.

Not forgetting Landycakes either. He came over and did some homework last February. His performance shut up many critics.

Between the sticks too there’s Tim Howard, who somehow struggled at Man U.
But it seems many players do there, Fergie either loves you or hates you, there’s no inbetween. Now he’s settled at Everton and it’s going to be hard to get something past him because like the above two, is very familiar with the England players and how England play.

I’m reckoning that we are going to see some fireworks here. To roll out a cliché – some scores to settle even if there isn’t any.

That was a bit of a serious look…. Now for a great tongue-in-cheek song from somebody in the USA. I don’t have much information about this one. I found it on You Tube users loumaeearl’s channel. He named the track the “Official USA World Cup Song”, I’ve decided to give it a different title.

US Soccer Loumae Earl – Blah Blah Blah, Football…

I love this one. It is very, very catchy.

But I’m not going to take the bait and start calling it soccer if we lose. Not that we will anyway.

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