…with their music.

There you go. Our first clickbait headline.

Usually at around this time, just before a major tournament we post a summary of tunes created for the national teams at said competition. If you’ve seen the last couple of tournaments the amount and the quality of the output was, well….

Because of YouTube and the like, it has enabled anyone with a computer to create their own homemade song to inflict upon the world.

We braced ourselves again for these Euro 2020 finals but because of the pandemic which led to the postponement this potential onslaught didn’t happen.

Yes there are a few England-centric tunes out there, as always. But if you look at the date the song was uploaded, many of them are from previous competitions a few years back. All the uploader has done is change the title from Euro 2016 or World Cup 2018 to this year’s finals. You don’t fool us like that.

But there is some new material especially done and addressing the current tournament. There are two in fact which we are highlighting here. And both of these emanate from one nation: Scotland.

If you look at the previous posts in relation to the Scotia national team, you’ll see that they like to belt out a few (half decent) tunes. This year being no exception.

We know that football songs are no longer fashionable but we are glad that there’s still a few out there who are still willing to put in the effort. But also making sure that some good comes from these tunes. Both examples below will benefit charities from the sales, so just buy them anyway eh ?

Neil GrantThis first one is by Neil Grant, a Scottish musician who has written a number of fitba songs for various teams before. 20% of each sale goes to SAMH. They are Scotland’s national mental health charity.

Grant, who also stars in the video below writes:

“…It’s a huge honour for me as a musician and fan to unleash this fun track to the Tartan Army fans. If the song/video raises the positivity levels in any way whatsoever, then it’s job done!”

“I took a huge gamble in completing the track in Autumn 2019 to stay ahead of the song writing pack. The video itself was filmed the very last weekend before lockdown!”

“Given the tough year that many have endured, I am delighted that Scottish Mental Health charity SAMH will receive money through every download sold.”

» Download the song from their website. It is also on the Spotify and ITunes.

This other one is by a band – or collective based in Glasgow called Randolph’s Leap.
This is from their About page:

Randolph’s Leap are a Glasgow-based musical project ranging from a solo act to an eight-piece band. Nairn-born Adam Ross and friends have been making pop music for unpopular people since 2010.
Randolph's Leap
…Recent years have seen the band curate a series of sell-out music and comedy events in Glasgow titled ‘I Can’t Dance To This Music’, record repeat sessions on BBC 6Music and perform across the UK, including as tour support for James Yorkston (Domino Records) and Canadian band The Burning Hell. “

This track has some commentary from Scotland’s shootout with Serbia which led to their qualification. The band with the song and that commentary are featured on this BBC football article.

All proceeds from the track will be split between Street Soccer Scotland and LEAP Sports.

Street Soccer Scotland is a social enterprise which uses football to tackle issues of isolation linked to poverty and social exclusion.

LEAP Sports is a Glasgow-based charity which aims to increase LGBTIQ+ representation in sport through work such as their ‘Football vs Homophobia’ campaign.

» Download the track via Bandcamp.

Both songs are excellent and help local charities. Scotland 2 – everybody else, nil.

UPDATE: The above two highlighted because they both benefit charity but there are more Scotia tunes out there.
» The Courier newspaper has a list of all of them including the above. In the list they mention The Cundeez but don’t have the music. Here is their video just released.

2ND UPDATE: There’s another that benefits charity.
This is by Papa Shandy ft. Clann An Drumma and 50% of all sales will be donate to Men Matter Scotland:

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