Up until now I’ve been posting some musical contenders trying to fill the void left by no official England/World Cup song. Then this comes along and blows everything else out of the water…

The Squad - Three Lions

Via Robbie’s own site:

“Three Lions, the greatest ever England song has been reinvented, reworked and re-recorded by Robbie Williams, Russell Brand and a superstar line-up of friends.

Named 3 Lions 2010, an excited Robbie said of the single, “I’ve always been approached to write football songs but have always declined as I thought Three Lions could never be beaten – so I am really happy to be part of this record. I am counting down the days until the start of the World Cup.”

The song, originally a fan anthem during Euro 96 in England, certainly ticks all the right boxes: not only does it feature a certain Mr. Williams, it also was recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios, includes a full orchestra and choir and was produced by legendary Trevor Horn.

Horn said of the footy single: “It had to be done – I am either the brave one or the foolish one who said I will have a go… I did it for England!”

Staying true to its roots, 3 Lions 2010 features Ian Broudie, of The Lightning Seeds, and comedy duo David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, the three original creators of the 1996 version.

Broudie explained that the English fans are the reason behind The Squad re-recording the classic, saying “the public really wanted a new version of 3 Lions and after 14 years it felt like the right time to have a new recording but it had to be just right. When I hear this version… I can’t wait for the World Cup to start!”

The single also features both The Official England Band and fans from The Official England Supporters Club, as well commentary from the inimitable John Motson and rousing, hair-on-end operatics by supreme soprano Olivia Safe.”

Baddiel.D, Brand.R, Broudie.I, Horn.T, Skinner.F, Williams.R

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3 Replies to “The Squad Of Lions”

  1. It still amazes me just how much better this song is than all the other official songs from all other years combined. Cheers forever to Ian Broudie and palls. And way to go RW for not screwing it up!

  2. I wish Robbie would just…just…I dunno…disappear!!! At least Russell Brand’s naff vocals are justified, as he’s not a singer. When I played it to my wife the other week, even she said that it’s nowhere near as good as the original. Maybe it’s because Ian Broudie’s production lent a certain depth to how it sounded as a chant on the terraces, whilst Trevor Horn’s is just too clean and well produced. I can’t imagine fans adopting the change in tempo part to the usual chanting…can you? The Lightning Seeds played Brighton last month. An intimate gig in a very good venue. A few hundred people, Riley playing guitar with his dad, lots of fun, loads of pictures taken by the audience, and a thoroughly, thoroughly good night had by all.

    Nuff said…when are you gonna post my ‘remix’ of Diamond Lights’, anyway!!!???



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