The 1970’s.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Clemence, it was the age of Shilton…


…and I’ll stop there before the estate of Charles Dickens launches a lawsuit.

When I was knee high to the proverbial, I had the privilege of watching Ray Clemence up close. I was there in the Kop, right behind those goals. Within touching distance of a man that to me at that age – looked like a giant.

So I obviously had a bias when it came to him and Peter Shilton. I always thought that Ray should have been in goal for England. It’s a pity that the national team was so inept back then, I’m sure that he would have played some blinders in the 1974 & ’78 World Cups…

Ah but there’s the “who’s the better keeper ?” competition. Was it Shilton or Clemence ?
In the end it was Shilts who went on to win those many, many caps – and some say that he could’ve had at least 50 more if it wasn’t for Clem.

But I still think Ray Clemence was the better. A legend for me to this day.

Right that’s enough filler. Now let’s look at the the pair’s attempt to destroy their reputations…

This is another one where I have absolutely zero info on the whys and wherefores.

Recorded and released in 1980… ah. Maybe the 1980 European Championships …?

Ah I may have it.

Right at this moment… I know of no other songs recorded for Europa 80, So this might have been… a semi-official release.

Yes this was the mascot-logo for Euro 1980 in ItalyBoth goalkeepers got a runout in the finals (England P3 W1 D1 L1 and went home) and in their match against Spain (which they won – but it was too late, they were already knocked out so it was a dead rubber) Ray Clemence put in a vintage performance.
From England Football Online:

…Trevor Brooking and Tony Woodcock scored with firm low shots, the first from a knock-down, the other after Luis Arconada had saved from Terry McDermott – but England had certainly been put on the spot: Spain’s penalties were the feature of the match.

Clemence save
Both were awarded for fouls, by Ray Clemence on Jesús Zamora and David Watson on Enrique Saura. Dani put away the first soon after coming on, then the second after 53 minutes, only for the referee to order a retake, either because Dani had paused in his run-up or because other players had encroached in the penalty area. Having put his first two kicks to the goalkeeper’s left, he went the other way this time, and Clemence made his only penalty save in international football.

That’s great. Found some background info, additional filler. But I’ve gone off track – back to their attempt to shoot themselves in the foot…

Sadly for us Peter and Ray decided to do a cover version. I think this was a commentary on their friendly rivalry and it is painful. (Not the rivalry, the song). The B side unfortunately isn’t much better.

Peter Shilton - Ray Clemence - Side By Side
» Ray Clemence & Peter Shilton – Side By Side

» Ray Clemence & Peter Shilton – We’re Gonna Win Again

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  1. I always thought Raymond was the better keeper because he was the more natural goalie,Maybe because I saw him a lot more times than Peter who I must say I went to a game between Forest v Bolton at Burnden Park 1980-81 FAcup replay he [shilts] was outstanding.

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