He played at Chelsea when it was unfashionable but he made it fashionable. Pat Nevin was the quintessential 80’s footballer…at least with his hairstyle.

Looking like he could step in for any member of Duran Duran at the time. Pat was the leader of the footie playing floppy fringes as seen to the right.

But the wee winger (he is 5’6 without his Cuban heels) wasn’t your typical footballer. Nevin is one for the arts, music and literature. It says in Wikipedia:

“He has an arts degree from Glasgow Caledonian University. He was noted during his playing days for being somewhat different from the stereotypical footballer, especially through his interest in literature and the arts, and in his musical tastes, preferring The Fall and Joy Division to Phil Collins or Lionel Richie. As such, he was interviewed by the NME.”

Even though he played at the other side of Stanley Park, he hung out with John Peel too.

I’m surprised that Tranmere’s biggest supporters – Half Man Half Biscuit, who’ve been featured on F&M numerous times didn’t do a song about him.

(Tranmere Rovers was the next stop after his glory days at Chelsea and then Everton).

But some label mates of theirs did do something about him…

This band called themselves The Tractors and were on Probe Plus Records at the same time as HMHB.

Sadly that is all there is to know on them. There is zero other information out there. Choosing to name your band after a farming machine makes it difficult when googling for them. If any reader out there can expand on this with some history then leave a comment.

The Tractors recorded a spoof of the HMHB song Dickie Davis Eyes and used Nevin’s mesmerising peepers as their subject:

» The Tractors – Pat Nevin’s Eyes

With thanks to the Reverend Jim of the Plymouth Offside website for this submission.

– If you have any songs done about a particular footballer not posted here yet, then please contact us.


10 Replies to “Pat Nevin – 80’s Hearthrob”

  1. The Tractors were from St Helens,as well as the above mentioned Juggernauts E.P. they also released a 4 track 12 inch called “Some Part of Me” this was another Probe release in 1986.


  2. My pal Paula and I sang backing vocals with The Tractors in the early days and were billed as the Trailer Sisters…

  3. I remember reading once that Pat Nevin asked to be substituted early in a midweek League Cup tie in order that he could get to the ICA in time to catch The Cocteau Twins.

  4. What happened to Andy Cave singer with said Tractors? Used to know him at Sheffiels Poly

  5. The Tractors were too from St Helens. All still alive and well including Andy Cave. Can’t believe the sons of Dan and Fitz are commenting….when did THAT happen?

    1. Just as an aside, I stumbled across this site whilst googling The Tractors having just been telling my 17 year old about the time they supported FBI (lead singer Rick Astley)

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