This is the beginning of a mini-series looking at the current battle to get out of the Premier League. Today’s candidate: West Bromwich Albion.

This season the more interesting end of season finish isn’t the challenge for the title, it’s the one where a team plays so badly and look certain for the drop. But the others come in and say: “No, we are much worse than you…” and then go and prove it.

Apart from though – looking at their performances the last couple of matches – it is the Baggies who are actually putting up a bit of a fight to keep themselves in there.

West Brom yesterday. Maybe.

Just one win for them, a result at home on Saturday against an increasingly disappointing Wigan and they would be only 1 point behind the two North East clubs* above them.

*Those two will be playing each other on Monday (11th May) and you can’t see anything but a dour draw can you.

I’m pulling for West Brom and hoping they can survive because as you know there are two other West Midland teams coming up next season and if they play their cards right (or wrong as the case may be) – it is still possible for West Brom to play themselves out of it and for Sunderland to replace them.

Just imagine it, all the clubs from the North East to go down, to be replaced by the West Midlands…

Actually that’s given me another thought: On his 5 Live show Danny Baker is putting together a Totalitarian League. – I propose another league which teams from a certain area who would get to play in the Premier League for one season and one season only. And this would include all areas, no exception. I know that there’s lots of Prem League clubs gathered in London and in the Lancashire areas, but this would be split up so that three from West Lancs would come in and then three from East Lancs. – With London it would be the same: 3 from West, 3 from East, etc…etc. And it doesn’t matter if they are all Premier League standard – the East London teams would include Leyton Orient, West Ham and Dagenham & Redbridge.

I’ve gone wandering off there… back to the subject in hand and a couple from the Baggie’s legend that was Jeff Astle:

Jeff Astle » Jeff Astle – Sweet Water

» Jeff Astle – You’re In My Arms

[I reserve the right to repost these at a future time as a tribute to the man.]

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