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Another note about the petulant one… Can we call him petulant…? Is he petu…? With the following evidence, coupled with his final appearance you could say that.

In 2005 a documentary called ‘Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait’ (French: Zidane, un portrait du 21e siècle) was made about Zidane, it was the idea of Glasgow born artist Douglas Gordon, who years before had seen ‘Football As Never Before’ (aka Fußball wie noch nie) which was a documentary about George Best.

In that original 1971 doc the filmmaker Hellmuth Costard followed Best around whilst he was playing in a match against Coventry. He had eight 16mm film cameras watching Best, in real time, for the course of the entire game.

Douglas Gordon took this same idea and with the help of Philippe Parreno, the Algerian-born French artist and filmmaker, they recorded Zinedine playing for Real Madrid in a match against Villarreal, again with multiple cameras watching him.

Ironically in the final minutes of that game Zidane was sent off after getting into the fight.
Below is the documentary, which you will see the Madrid ‘Galaticos’ from back then including Figo, (Brazilian) Ronaldo, Beckham and Roberto Carlos.

Additional notes for you football spotters: The final score of the documentary match was 2-1 to Real. The Villarreal team was being managed back then by Manuel Pellegrini – and in goal for them was one Pepe Reina.

The Music…

There was a soundtrack to accompany the documentary, which was created by the Scotia band Mogwai (the sister of Jessica Simpson gave her baby the same name I think…;o). They were convinced to do the soundtrack by their fellow Glaswegian Douglas Gordon who played them some footage of the film with a remix of the track “Mogwai Fear Satan” playing in the background.
Gordon didn’t give any direction to the band as to what the album should sound like, thus giving some of the tracks an improvised feel.

I don’t know which remix Douglas Gordon used, so I’ve chosen one at random, plus the opening track from the soundtrack.

Mogwai » Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan (Fcuk Buttons Remix)

» Mogwai – Black Spider (soundtrack version)

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  1. Seen the film its awesome just like the music.

    The film really highlighted why football is sometimes called “the beautiful game”.

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