A big hello and thank you to Branimir, who lives in Zagreb. He is now the official Eastern European correspondent for Football and Music !

He mailed to tell me about football and music in Croatia. It’s a facinating subject actually, because of the differing angles and approach to the issue.

Some aspects are the same – Croatian football supporters sing about their love of their teams, but there are additional issues attached. Politics come into it, as well as sadly, some other unwanted elements.

I’ll let Branimir explain more. Firstly an introduction:

“…Croatia and the whole of southeastern Europe has a great footballing history and of course the music that follows. Hell, a football match between Dinamo Zagreb and Crvena Zvezda Belgrade in 1991 unofficially started the war after it was abandoned because of the riots…”

He included a link to a YouTube video with a song from Pips, Chips & Videoclips who are a rock band from Zagreb. They recorded the song “Dinamo ja volim” which became the unofficial anthem of the Dinamo Zagreb football club supporters called Bad Blue Boys (BBB).

Unfortunatly this video has footage of some fans doing fascist salutes, burning flags and rioting.
I have a policy at Football and Music not to post any song of hate*. So I don’t want to post that video, but instead here’s the same band with an unplugged version:

*There might be calls to violence in the lyrics. I’m not certain

» Pips, Chips & Videoclips – Dinamo ja volim (Dinamova Himna) Unplugged

I mention the violence, but Branimir further explains:

“…There is a completely different story concerning Dinamo Zagreb now because the BBB are boycotting the games because of the club owner, but that’s a really complicated story…”

He added a link to another video. Another one which I will never, ever post here in a million years. Not because of any trouble or fighting, but because it is from a documentary series called “The Real Football Factories” which was presented by one Danny Dyer, which makes me resort to violence upon the mention of that name ! You can find it on YouTube if you search for: ‘Real Football Factories’ and: ‘Croatia & Serbia’.
Branimir says that the lowest of the low, the most radical in football were interviewed. Not a real representation.

Anyway back to some football and music and this from 1967:

“This was the 1967 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Final between Leeds Utd. and Dinamo Zagreb when the great generation under Don Revie (with Bremner, Lorimer etc.) was defeated by the relatively weaker side from Zagreb.”

» Unknown Artist – Dinamo Zagreb Song

(I don’t know who is singing the song in the video, I’ll have to find out)

» And finally another song from 1969:

That is it for now. Once again thanks to Branimir.

There will be more from Croatia and other European desinations.

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