You Know The Words: Ooh Ahh…

As I mentioned the other day I was looking for songs about certain positions… err let me rephrase that.

I was looking for tunes sung about any footballers who play at the back…

Oh I give up.

I got some great responses and yesterday I posted the first one about an outstanding defender and today is the second one – and like the previous this one is also a tune that everyone knows, but this time because it borrow from a previously recorded song.

Ohh Ahh listening to Big Jack

Firstly a big hello and thanks to Fredorrarci from the Sport Is A TV Show blog. It will be added to the Friendlies and I recommend that you visit. His writings is better that what I can…err…write…

He let me know of a defender who played for that team but was one of those who you would have liked to have seen play for your lot. (Apart from Wayne Bridge, I don’t want to see him play anywhere… ).

But this isn’t about his club exploits… although I will mention in passing that Paul McGrath had his demons and hit the bottle a few times, I’m glad to report that he hasn’t followed Gazza into the gutter. He was there, but is doing much better now… it was his national service which gave reason for some people to burst into song.

It was 1994 and Big Jack and his boys had managed to qualify for their 2nd World Cup in a row.
As usual there was a trip to the recording studios before their journey to the tournament in the USA .

I can’t find any more info about who these people were, but some musicians or producers under the name of “Watch Your House” recorded a tribute song but with a difference – they actually got the man himself to appear on the record.

Last Minute Update: I’d like to break into my own posting here to tell you about a late find…

This wasn’t the first time.

I discovered by accident, that a certain somebody had got in before them.

Dermot Morgan I was searching for extra background information and stumbled across a very short mention on Wikipedia on another recording about the same subject.

Before his “big break” thanks to Father Ted, the beautiful and much missed Dermot Morgan was famous in Ireland at the time because of his RTE Radio 1 show Scap Saturday. Then in 1990 for their qualification to the finals in Italy he recorded a rap song

» Dermot Morgan – World Cup Rap (Paul McGrath)

– Going back to what I started talking about and the 1994 song with guest vocals from:

» Watch Your House featuring Paul McGrath – Ooh Ahh Paul McGrath

So it is double your pleasure on this post. (Oh here I go again…) Two songs about one man and because of these he will make the F&M 1st IX.

Which one I prefer I don’t know – What do you think ?

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