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Cyril KnowlesThere were candidates needed for some positions and I got a great response. This post is the first one about somebody who played as a defender and this bloke was a legend at left back.

I’ve never seen him play and apart from any long in the tooth Spurs fans here, you might not have seen him either. But everyone knows the song – even if they didn’t know it was specifically about him.

Cyril Knowles was there during mid-70’s when Spurs were – performance wise – going through some troubled times. A few years before Tottenham had won the UEFA Cup, F.A. Cup and the League Cup twice, but in the 1974-75 season they were skirting with relegation.

» From Sporting :

…After a nightmare start to the season, Bill Nicholson resigned in September and was replaced by Terry Neill. It was a difficult time for both the club and their popular defender. Knowles appearances were beginning to be restricted by injuries and Spurs could not pull themselves away from the bottom of the table. By April the Londoners league position had became perilous. Only two victories in the last three games saved the famous old club from the drop. Knowles played a large part in Spurs 2-0 home relegation battle with neighbours Chelsea, but his side had still not guaranteed their safety. Only victory over European Cup finalists Leeds United would save the day. Nearly 50, 000 fans crowded into White Hart Lane to witness their team’s fate. Two goals from Cyril helped Spurs to a memorable and crucial 4-2 win, which ended with scenes of relief and wild celebration amongst jubilant fans.

Those two goals were the last that he scored for the club.

– A couple of years before (1973) and Spurs were in the League Cup Final against Norwich (Spurs won 1-nil) This was recorded for the occasion but as mentioned everybody knows this one.

Nice One Cyril » Cockerel Chorus – Nice One Cyril

You need the lyrics ? Seriously ?

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