Need Your Help Picking The Team

Pick the team

As you may have seen I’ve posted tracks written specifically about a specific player and now I need assistance in selecting the Football and Music First XI…

In the last few days I wrote about: Strachan (midfielder). Jevons (a striker) and Dudek (a goalkeeper).

– I’ve wandered through the F&M archives and found the previous postings about other footballers:

But as you can see I’ve got a bit of a Man City-come January problem (too many strikers and no manager…). Plus a shortage of defenders.

So this is where I need your help:
Do you know of any other songs recorded about football players ?

I’ve got enough about strikers (and will be posting even more soon), but would still appreciate any new suggestions. Right now though I am looking for tunes about anybody who played in the back four.

Although there are two outstanding players in those positions, if there are some more songs about wingers out there it would be great.

I wanted to name an eleven here, but because of the lack of coverage at the back I’ll hold off until I (or you) find something to fill these places. The criteria I’m using for the F&M team isn’t based on the players efforts on the pitch, it’s about the musical one. I will eventually select a team and then post it here, that I think song-wise have made it into the starting XI.

But what do you think ?

Who…again judging it by the tune done about that player… would you put in there ?

» Leave your comments – and other song suggestions below, or mail me here.

7 Replies to “Need Your Help Picking The Team”

  1. Fredorrarci says:

    Seen as you’re looking for defenders, may I suggest Paul McGrath? ‘Ooh Aah Paul McGrath’ was a number one single in Ireland some time in the early ’90s (Wikipedia suggests it was 1994 but I reckon it was earlier than that). It not what you’d call “good”, exactly, but if you can bear it, I could send you the mp3.

  2. Jim says:

    Just to reiterate a previous comment, since you mentioned wingers, can I suggest “Pat Nevin’s Eyes”, by The Tractors?

  3. Peke says:

    In case you are still on the lookout for defenders, I wonder if Tony Adams by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros might qualify? Furthermore, there are a few German songs in my collection (e.g. Olli Kahn – also a Japanese version, Der Afro von Paul Breitner) if interested? Plus a couple of songs about our own footballing hero Jari Litmanen – who still amazingly plays for Finland, now and then, when not injured.


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