Shakira at the opening concert

K'naan performing live

As it stands (this post being written after the ITA v NZL game & before the Brazil one) it will be Holland and Argentina for certain to be in the knockout stages. Then after that there’s Uruguay & Mexico, Slovenia, Ghana and Paraguay who are all closer to the last 16 than France… England and Italy – who could all be going home.

As I said this posting is being done before Brazil, Portugal and Spain have played their 2nd games, but on current form we could see these three struggling against the so-called “lower” opposition too.

After the first matches people were complaining about it being boring… it has to be the ball.

No, it was the players.

To get you in the groove on this relaxed Sunday, some musical World Cup mashups.

In previous World Cups you get to hear the crowds chanting and singing during the games, but because of those horns… you know the ones I’m talking about… there’s not going to be any bands making a few extra quid from the fans adopting and adapting their songs.

But… there’s still some World Cup-related music out there thanks to various online DJ’s and remixers.
Starting with one of the many official songs… from Shakira, appearing in her 2nd World Cup.

– This originally posted by Mashup-Germany and features: Shakira feat. Freshly Ground – Waka Waka (Time for Africa), Ludwig van Beethoven – 9th Symphony (Ode an die Freude), Daft Punk – One More Time and Mylo – Drop the Pressure:

» Mashup-Germany – Waka Waka an die Freude (One more Time Club Remix)

– This one originally posted by DJ Tiffmeister and uses: Shakria – Waka Waka (This Time For Africa), Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) instrumental, Sunloverz – Summer Of Love (Acapella):

» Shakira vs. Sunloverz – Summer Of Africa (Waka Waka):

These come from another official song, this time by K'naan who's been featured on F&M a few times.

Back to DJ Tiffmeister and this has: Skero – Kabinenparty (Acapella) and K’naan – Wavin’ Flag (Instrumental):

» Skero vs. K’naan – Wavin’ Kabinenparty (ReEdit Fix)

Lastly this from Mashup-Germany again and a track which has many songs thrown in:

» Mashup-Germany – The Wavin’ Flag Mashup:

More of this sort of thing again soon.

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