He’s Not The Messiah. Honestly


Look you barcodes who are you kidding. It’s not the same football as Keegan walked away from when he was the England boss. It’s not the same Premier League that KK walked away from 11 years ago and again 3 years ago. He can’t resign in the toilet this time. He has to stay and face it. Can’t run away this time. The only chance of getting away this time is when he gets “mutuallly consented.” Which should be in only a few months time…

I really don’t understand why he decided to return. I think it is because he’s spent a few years out of the spotlight now and has maybe forgotten about all the scrutiny, the pressure, the expectation… which will be in triplicate now. But it is football. Like the clowns in the circus ring, like the Toreador in the bullring, the sawdust gets in your blood (and possibly in KK’s case – his head) and it’s something that you can’t leave behind.

Rolling out another cliché now – You can never. Should never. Go back. All right I admit that he presence might spurn a mini-resurgence and Newcastle might actually play better but they’ve got to realise that they are not that big a club any more.
KK will have only a couple of weeks before the transfer window closes and I can’t see any likely signings coming in so he’ll have to work with Big Sam’s squad. Newcastle are currently 11th in the table and at the time of writing still in the cup. But all this wasn’t good enough for their fans, they want to rollercoaster ride that Kev took them on last time which will include some alarming dips this time, trust me. Sacrificing your midtable obscurity just so you can see better football ? Strange wish to have.

For this season anyway Newcastle will have to post the excuse of rebuilding after a rocky start. Will the messiah be there at the end ? Will there be a relegation dogfight or challenge for a European Cup place before that. Only time will tell.

In the meantime back in time with a song by the Don Juans who half talk/half sing about when KK was first signed and they reminisce about the glory days (as usual… actually is there anybody still alive who remembers their last cup win ?).

All together now....LOVE IT !

» Don Juans – Wor Kev

Until I find his 1973 release this will be the last time I mention KK and the Barcodes.
There’s been enough mentions already.

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