Some off the field reasons as to why Spain lost their opening match against Switzerland…

The main reason was because these two were on the bench:

Torres, Martinez and Fabregas

You might not actually recognise him there, but the chap to the left is Fernando Torres, who isn’t blonde any more. (I know that my friend’s wife will be devastated at this news.) This could also be a reason as to why that even after he came on as sub, he wasn’t the same.

What we saw was a modern day re-enactment of Sampson and Delilah.

It’s usually kept quiet as to where the players make their homes in the city, but I know for a fact that Torres has a condominium at Sampson Place in Liverpool – and – right before he flew off for the tournament Fernando visited the Voodoo Hair Colour Centre in Stanley Street… YOU SEE ! YOU SEE !

Not only that but like his mate to the right he’s also got this man fluttering his eyelashes towards him.

A bit of Pep

Who’s hoping that with the turmoil at Fernando’s current club, he’ll join his compatriot on a flight over to Spain rather than back to the UK after this World Cup has ended.

And what about for Fabregas – what troubles he has:

Whilst sitting there Sylar has too much time to think about what is going on in his life.

With the cancellation of Heroes and the next Star Trek sequel two years away…

Oh wait..

Every time Cesc looks up there’s Wenger and his boys waving their massive heeeeds at him.

The Wenger boys

If things don’t buck up for the Spanish team and these two players then they’ll find themselves toiling away with their perennial runner-up clubs back in the Premier League again next season. Poor them.

– As to some associated music err… associated with Spain, it’s that K’naan bloke yet again…

He’s still singing the same song, this time with the Almeria born David Bisbal adding some Spanish vocals to a tune which I don’t mind mentioning again because it is a great track.

I am wondering now if K’naan did a version for every country. If he didn’t he should have done.
What a marketing/promotional opportunity that would have been.

K'naan and David Bisbal

» K’naan feat David Bisbal – Wavin’ Flag

Extra Time:

Two more from him: The first is another English/Spanish (or Spanglish) duet. This time with Rhianna. The other is proof that he knows English with a version of The Walker Brothers classic.

Spain to go out ? Cheer up Dave, it might not happen.

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