The Chelsea Stalker

The football club that is, not Bill and Hillary’s daughter.

Lampard's biggest fan ?You ever seen somebody wearing a Chelsea shirt round your way ? If you live around SW6 you have obviously but what about other parts of the country..? Other parts of the world in fact.

Chelsea have a big following as seen with their sold out home games, but it occurred to me (apart from one time) I haven’t seen anybody wearing their replica shirt outside of the Fulham Road.

You’ve seen people down your way, wearing a shirt from xxx club walking around the shops with his/her signifigant other when that particular team and playing a match right at this moment. You think to yourself; “If he’s a supporter why isn’t he/she in the pub or at home watching it on the telly ?”

There are two types of away from their place/in your town shirt wearers – The hardcore fan who always wears the colours no matter where he is, and the obvious bandwagon gloryseeking seen them play on $ky Sports type of fan.

I’m not going to have a jab at the ManUSA shirt wearing “fans” at this point. It’s too easy a target.

If you did spot a premier league shirt wearer down the shops on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon then obviously a fairweather fan, but sometimes there can be other reasons such as a midseason game against Derby or Sunderland or he’s under the thumb. (Which I’m occasionally guilty of here. I hold my hand up.)

I’ve spotted many a ManU shirt, a Liverpool shirt and the occasional Arsenal one.
Even in far off lands I’ve seen Spurs, Newcastle and Everton, but only once have I seen a bloke wearing a Chelsea shirt.

As mentioned they have their fans but it seems that they don’t travel far and wide, they don’t have any living in … Carlisle for example.

Where are you the Chelsea “away” fans ? Are you there ?

This is a shout out to any of you not living in London to post a comment and let me know that you proudly wear the shirt wherever you are.

I know that they are loyal and somewhat obsessional fans from the evidence I’ve gathered for today’s musical postings.

The first one though I suspect is more of a cash in than loyalty to the club.
I’ve posted a song previously by this artist where he waxes lyrical about Gazza.

I can’t find any more info about “Mr Martini”. It’s got to be a footie mad studio created persona or producer. If you spot anything…

In this one the aforementioned Mr Martini sings of his love of Ken Bates…

» Mr Martini – Why I Love Chelsea

…and now it gets weird.
In this one it part of that footie & music perfect storm with snippets of match commentary and crowd noises. But it also has some bloke reading out the names of previous Chelsea players/straight after the crowd either chant “Chelsea !” if it’s a well loved player and laughter if isn’t. Another curiously is when Blaster Bates name is read there’s neither a cheer or jeer.

» True Blue Crew feat Cael Chapman – Chelsea Heaven… Chelsea Hell

What do you make of that ?

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  1. Blue is the colour says:

    I live between Los Angeles and New York City and you often see people with replica kits on in both places. (I own two, one of which I’m wearing now–a Carvalho jersey.) But apparently the holy grail is in the Midwest because my brother, who wears a Terry shirt, constantly sees people with CFC gear on. He just told me he recently saw a guy wearing a Sheva jersey!

    Love the blog, by the way.


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