The him in this case was Darren Ferguson:

Darren Ferguson

…and the sacking (or “left by mutual concent” as it’s now called) was by Peterborough United, where Barry Fry is the Director of Football, when they found themselves in the relegation zone last season.

Now this “departing of ways” was at a curious time because it was only November, which was well before the traditional time for firings, which is usually after the Xmas fixture congestion.
Yes they were bottom and things were not going well, but this was a manager who had achieved back-to-back promotion for The Posh with only a limited budget. Ferguson was one of the bright stars of young management, seemed to be a very disingenuous way of thanking a man who had got them into the Championship.

Peterborough’s troubles continued for the rest of that season when in January they terminated the contract of Fergie’s replacement a few days after Preston North End, led by their new manager handed the Posh another defeat. After this Jim Gannon was appointed but he couldn’t help them stay in the division and by March (instead of the end of the season as previously announced) Gannon left and Peterborough were relegated back down to League One.

Now these farcical attempts by Peterborough to keep themselves in the Championship (by the hiring and firing of these managers) was watched with interest by some musicians who had just formed a new group.

The group is called ‘Land of Bingo’ and the above events at Peterborough (specifically the firing of Fergie Jnr) inspired them to write something about it….

Before that song a quick bio about who and what »

“Band names are not often inspired by jumpers, but whilst watching an episode of Alaska based TV series ‘Northern Exposure’ two musicians from the equally mountainous north Wales were inspired to form a band. The name ‘Land of Bingo’ was taken from a jumper worn by the character Ruth Anne Miller, and so began collaboration between fellow recluses Haydon Hughes and Rhys Edwards.

Despite growing up in close proximity, they only met each other whilst performing in a cowhouse as part of a music festival which was held in rural Carmarthenshire. Bonding over the fact that both have heart murmurs, these oddballs began to experiment with sounds merged from their solo material. Haydon has recorded as Y Pencadlys and Seindorff, pioneering Welsh language electronic music full of warped imagination. Rhys also known as Jakokoyak – a folktronic project flirting casually with brilliance has released music in the UK and internationally and supported the Super Furry Animals in Japan.

The result is a musical project specialising in off kilter pop gems full of bass driven electronica with looped vocals singing tales as varied as Barry Fry’s audacious sacking of managers and the bizarre National Library of Belarus in Minsk.

They entered the studio in May 2010 to record an EP featuring bass playing by Guto Pryce (Super Furry Animals), drumming by Arran Ahmun (Australian Pink Floyd) backing vocals from Gwenno of The Pipettes and is produced by Kris Jenkins (who is often credited as ‘Sir Doufus Styles ). It will feature 7 tracks, including remixes by international friends, and will be released in November on coloured vinyl with a tour of the UK and Europe to follow.”

Land of Bingo

» Land of Bingo – Company Hymn

This track is here for a LIMITED TIME only. The song will appear on their debut EP, released in November on Peski Records.

More info:   (also on Twitter.)

Extra Time:

Since they mentioned Super Furry and have a sort of link to them… also thanks @hogiani for his mention of the following track, something to accompany the above Land of Bingo tune if you will…
Additionally – since we are also #keepingitpeel :

» Super Furry Animals – Y Teimlad (Peel Session)

3 Replies to “Why Did Barry Fry Give Him The Sack?”

  1. Why why why do we get such lazy reporting, Peterborough had one of yhe biggest budgets in league 1, Fergie kick off because he wanted away he believed all the hype that he was a “great manager” yes he did a fine job with players he did’nt buy, most of Fergies buys were awful and have since gone, hence the turn round this season,.Fergie snr had. a bighand in getting his son the PNE job with the PNE chairman a big buddy
    It’s plain to see that Fergie jnr is not the messiah that some thought he was his teams just can’t defend. Saturday leading 3-1 with a few mins left ok down to 10 men lost 4-3 last night leading at home to another struggling side loose 2-1 saw this last season so many times; but hey Frys a good scapgoat so don’t let the truth stand in your way

  2. Just like his dad…a massive ego, and arrogant with it. How I laughed after Man U drew on Saturday, and again last night!!! And you can bet your bum Fergie Snr blamed the team, and not himself for his selection…

  3. Fergie scored 2 promotions for us and caught Football’s attention. Some of his signings have been – well, rather JR Rank. Yes, his team’s defensive abilities are somewhat suspect, he rather likes to “bomb on”. There were also casualties from his management “style” and I think loyalty is not a quality in Daz’s locker. One day the truth will be told. As a POSH fan I’m happy he’s at PNE.

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