Who Have You Adopted ?

So with the home nations sitting this one out… *long pause*… Which team have you decided to follow in the Euro 2008 Finals ?

The Guardian has also asked this question and has various people arguing the case for a particular team. eg: Sir Geoff Hurst is going for The Netherlands.
There’s also a poll (closing in two days) in which you can vote on who we should back for Euro 2008.

I myself have chosen to adopt Spain. The reason why is because they are very alike to England.
Que ?
Spain have some great individual players who never quite to gel as a team – and the team themselves, they have the potential to win a championship but always seem to fail to get to the latter stages of a competition and bottle it at the crucial moment. Very English like.

I read the other day that Scotland fans will be following Poland this summer. Their reason being in that after Poland joined the E.U there was a influx of migrant workers to Scotland and now there are lots of Polish communities. Plus the Scottish see the Poland team like theirs – they always feel like the underdogs.

But it’s not just the Tartan Army who will be waving the Polska flag. An Englishman who spent 4 years working in Poland will also be cheering them on.

Rupert Slade with his friend Bill Hetherington wrote a song about supporting Poland and he was featured in this Polish sports website article [Google Translation here] which also talks about Jan Tomaszewski…

Quick history: Tomazewski was the Poland goalkeeper who put on a dazzling display to deny England qualifying for the 1974 World Cup. His full bio here.

The song itself starts after the final whistle of the England/Croatia game in which Rupert and his mates lament on our failure to qualify for the finals, but look… Poland have so let’s support them:

London to Warsaw

» London To Warsaw – The Poland Song

More info: London To Warsaw [MySpace]

Rupert tells me that they hope to have a video made soon. I’ll update this once it’s done.

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