It’s thanks to Wisconsin Soccer Central that we have an update on whereabouts of the former Watford defender Jay DeMerit.

Jay DeMerit

As you can see from that image, posted on his Twitter profile, Jay is now in semi-retirement (also known as the MLS) playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Jay has been featured on here before. It was when during his journey through the lower leagues before ending up at Watford, when he was playing at non-league Northwood FC that the assistant coach’s father died of cancer. Jay played in a charity game for Cancer Research UK and he also recorded a song called Soccer Rocks! :

The Justgiving page is closed now, but you can still donate by going here.

After Watford released him last summer DeMerit went to the World Cup as part of the U.S. national soccer team. In fact during the Algeria match he played most of it with a split tongue which required five stitches after the game.

During the tournament the website released this two-part video bio/interview, recorded when he was still at Watford:

» Pt 1   » Pt 2

As mentioned he’s now at the Vancouver Whitecaps, who will kick off their inaugural MLS season this coming March (more about them in a moment), with the Green Bay, Wisconsin born DeMerit captaining the team.

Whilst he has some downtime… Jay popped along to take part in the fan appreciation day at the Green Bay Packers last Sunday and during the half time break took to the field…not to play obviously, but you know what he did:

“…Another fan in attendance Sunday, who has earned a reputation as a bit of a celebrity while being a native of Green Bay, was Jay DeMerit.

DeMerit, U.S Men’s National Soccer Team defender and member of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC of MLS, led the crowd in singing ‘Roll Out The Barrel’ late in the third quarter. And while DeMerit has traveled the world, coming to Lambeau Field is always a thrill.

“Growing up in Green Bay this is what it is all about,” DeMerit said. I got a call a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to come to Lambeau and lead the fans in the ‘Roll Out The Barrel,’ and come down on the field before the game. There was no way I could turn it down. To represent Green Bay and what I do is great. This is about as big of an honor I could get.”

And to round out an exciting day at Lambeau for DeMerit, he could only describe the day in one word, “Awesome.”

Alas my dear reader, I have to sadly inform you that there’s no video (online at least) of this event. Maybe one will surface eventually. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. Or maybe we can all tweet @D6MERIT and see if he knows of any recordings.

In the meantime, some music which… yes, you saw Roll Out The Barrel, you know what’s coming. But before that I want to give a mention to a song that was used by the Vancouver Whitecaps in their previous incarnation.

… Let me take you back in time a few years when the Vancouver Whitecaps were playing in the USL (United Soccer League), and it was in 2002 before their season home opener that The Proclaimers played a concert:

“…artists The Proclaimers will headline a Whitecaps/Proclaimers VIP Concert, and will also be featured at the Whitecaps home opener against the Minnesota Thunder…

In addition, the duo, consisting of identical twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid, have re-recorded the popular Whitecaps anthem “White is the Colour”, first released in 1978…

The Proclaimers
» The Proclaimers – White Is The Colour

I know... sacrilege...would still love to get hold of the '78 version though...

(Incidentally the Reid brothers will shill for any MLS team if you give them a scarf it seems.)

I’ve covered the subject of …Is The Colour… before. Traditionally it is associated with Chelsea, but as I discovered there was another USL club who have also appropriate the song. The team is the Portland Timbers, their colo(u)rs are predominately green, so they obviously sing Green Is The Color.

…and until we find the live rendition of the tune by Jay DeMerit, here’s another version of the old tune sang by everybody round the jo-anna in the pubs during the war. Also still heard with re-worded chants on the terraces. (Terraces…? What’s a terrace ? I hear a Premier League supporter asking)

This is the Beer Barrel Polka, which you will not know the verses, but after a few beers everybody sings the chorus. Brought to you by The Andrews Sisters:

The Andrews Sisters
» The Andrews Sisters – Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel)

Reid brothers… Andrews sisters… see what I did there…

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