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» An entry from June 2007 about the half decent footie magazine When Saturday Comes, which I am mirroring the scan of the first issue and reposting the song mentioned on there.

Remember the mid-late 80’s and the boom in the 90’s for all the football fanzines ? Depending on the size of your club, there was usually at least two of them. A couple of favourites of mine are King Of The Kippax and Blue Moon. As you can see they are online now, but some of them still surviving in print.

I stand up and applaud all of the fanzine people for your dedication and for standing outside the ground every four weeks or so to sell us the result of all them hours stuck in your bedroom, fiddling away.

Mike, the editor of WSC had big ambitions, not just a fanzine about a certain club, a fanzine about every club and everything else to do with the game. And good for him that it worked. There is FourFourTwo, there is World Soccer, but the original and originator was this:

Click on the images below to read the first issue:

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As Nancy posted on her entry about the mag:

“When Saturday Comes was named after the Undertones song of the same name from their 3rd LP, Positive Touch. The editor seemed to have pretty good taste in music (for a football fan!); one of the first articles talked about the relationship between football and music.”

I hope that I am able to continue to post about these dysfunctional relations with footie and musicals. But it can only survive with your help. Contact me if you spot anything that is football and music related. I’ll look at everything and will probably post everything too.

Enough with the chat. To the music:

UndertonesWhen Saturday Comes

» The Undertones – When Saturday Comes

BONUS track - From the same album:

» The Undertones – Julie Ocean

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  1. UNDERTONES ROCK!!! I hope you had a chance to catch them minus the seclusive Fegal”THE GURGEL”Sharkey!! Cheers!! I must also say you posted the TWO best tracks off the Positive Touch LP!!
    Care<<<Take It!,Henry

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