It’s a question nobody asks and nobody cares for an answer…

El Tel singing

He keeps singing and singing ...

But we here at F&M dare to ask and also dare to not only answer, but give you evidence too.

*ducks flying objects*

It’s been mentioned before on why he sings. Click on the above links to read more. For you lazy arses though to summarise:

“…as a teenager he sang with band leader Joe Loss. At 17 he had to choose between football and singing. “I won the week’s talent contest at Butlins, and was invited back for September. I said to [the manager] Tommy Docherty, ‘Look, I’ve won this competition, I need to go back in September, if that’s all right with you’, and he said, ‘No you can’t do that ’cause you might be in the team’….”

Then finally in 1974 (he was playing for QPR at the time) Venables could hold it no longer and released a single, a cover version of a song made famous by Emile Ford & The Checkmates and Adam Faith amongst others.

So how did this single do in the Top 40 ?

It didn’t.

He must have been furious with Keegan, who actually did bother the lower end of the charts. Once.

But like the original perm this never deterred El Tel and even though nobody listened, he kept on crooning.

So to his 1974 chart attempt… come on play through the pain… run it off now…


» Terry Venables – What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For

» Terry Venables – Lucy

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