“Oi Crackhead ! Give Us A Hand”

Spotted the following footie/musical news item :

Hard-up German football club seeks Doherty’s help
By Iain RogersCoked up Doc ?

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German football club struggling to avoid financial collapse has asked rocker Pete Doherty to help publicize their plight as he supported the side as a boy, Doherty’s manager and club officials said on Friday.

The lead singer of Babyshambles, famous for his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss and a series of widely-publicized drug problems, spent part of his childhood on a British army base near the western city of Krefeld and developed an affection for local club KFC Uerdingen, Doherty’s manager Adrian Hunter said.

Uerdingen Marketing Director Stefan Hoffmann said he was hopeful Doherty could help raise awareness of the former Bundesliga club’s difficulties and boost ticket sales.

Doherty had been invited to visit next week when he will be in nearby Cologne for a concert, he added.

“I know he has some affection for the club and he would be happy to do something if he has time,” Hunter said.

Uerdingen, which now plays in a lower regional league, was founded in November 1905. They won the German Cup in 1985, beating Bayern Munich 2-1 in the final.

Hoffmann said that Doherty, who was born in March 1979, had watched Uerdingen’s UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup quarter-final, second-leg against Dynamo Dresden in 1986 which Uerdingen won 7-3 having lost the first leg 2-0 in Dresden.

They were beaten 4-2 by Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals.

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This gives me a pisspoor excuse to post some stuff from his previous band:

Cup winna !

Image via agentbedhead.com. Doherty played - and scored the winner in a charity Soccer 6 tournament last year.

» The Libertines – What A Waster

I wonder which particular player he was singing about… I know he wasn’t but I like to imagine it was.
Go on, I dare you to name whoever you are thinking of right now.

I’ve got Wayne Bridge v Croatia. Yes the hurt is still there.

Next up are some with a tenuous connection to footie. In my mind anyway.

» The Libertines – What Became Of The Likely Lads ?

That episode is on my wish list. I’d like to see it again. Plus the note-for-note remake done by Ant & Dec.

» The Libertines – Road To Ruin

TV journo’s: There’s something that you can play over a report about any struggling or facing doom club.

» The Libertines – Time For Heroes

Havant and Waterlooville I’m looking in your direction.

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  1. Jez says:

    Written at Midnight 22/01/08: And relax. Now, howsabout posting a Spurs/Chas’n’Dave hat-trick to commerorate such a magical occasion? Gather round the ole Joanna – “in dee cup for Tottingham!”


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