We’ve Got A Feeling

If you thought that was just a one-off you were wrong. Very wrong. The same way Geoff Thomas somehow got called up to play for England, somebody fell asleep and let Chris Waddle into the recording studio again.

Chris was playing for Marseille and his singing partner this time was his teammate Basile Boli.

The name rings a bell doesn’t it ? He played for Rangers for one season in the mid 90’s. England fans might remember him from the headbutt he put on Stuart Pearce in Euro ’92.

» Sample lyrics sung by Waddle:

“Basile, my friend
You knocked me out
Why you so big and strong like that ?
You jump so high
You run so fast
How come you do all that?”

So without further Adu – watch on…

Ah no… don’t think this is over. The horror is…

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