We’ve Been Knocked Off The Ball

Krusty McClownMcClown publicly handed his resignation in last week with his trip over to the USA to watch and then call Derek up for the England team.

What did he see when old Goldenballs played in that celebrity match ?
What information did Steve McClaren get from watching him score two goals against the bloke from Without A Trace that made him think that Derek was fully and competitively match ready to face Croatia next week ?

» There was another McClaren in the news last Monday who did the right thing and pulled out before any damage was done. It’s a pity the footballing McClaren didn’t consider the same 15 months ago.

I know there’s still a chance. But does anybody like our fate to be in other hands ? Do any of us think that we will actually scrape through by the skin of our teeth ? The Bookies don’t think so. You can get better odd on the inept tactician losing his job after next Wednesday.

So as we rue one of Brian Barthwick’s alcoholic fueled bad decisions, time to rub it in with another one of the Football Association’s brain farts from 2002 and England’s official song for the World Cup:

Ant and Dec - We're On The Ball

» Ant & Dec – We’re On The Ball     [Don't forget the lyrics]

This was a cover version from a B side of an Arsenal single. I'd like to find the original. If you have it out there...

Although this was one of the more slightly annoying official songs, it wasn’t the most annoying. That will be posted before Wednesday’s pointless match.

To inflict more pain upon ourselves (if we don’t have enough when watching them) a couple of “bonus” tracks. » 1 from Ant & Dec and one from their previous persona’s :

» Ant & Dec – Shout

» PJ & Duncan – If I Give You My Number     [Read the comedy lyrics]

DaveC wipes a tear from his eye as he reminisces…

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