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Insert team name hereWith the FA Cup 2nd Round Proper taking place next weekend I was looking through the fixtures for any team that might have recorded a cup song in the past.

What mighty team, now fallen on harder times, have in their history sung about their trophy triumphs. Sadly though, none of them have.

Obviously no club goes out and records a single for the FA Cup unless they get to the final, but there are lots of teams who never get that opportunity and I am asking why not.

If you support a non or lower league team you know that you’ll never see Wembley Way (unless you do well in the Johnson’s Paint or FA Trophy). You will never get the chance to buy their single only to find it again years later and be reminded of the joy/pain from that particular season.

If you get through to the 3rd or 4th rounds for the first time in your history why not release a single. Might as well cash in whilst all the attention is on you.

Guess what – I’ve found something here which can assist you: An instant cup song which you can release under your name because no where in the lyrics does it actually name a team.

This track is sung by “Blue Army” and the song is called “We’re Gonna Win The Cup” and that’s all I know about it. Obviously this one is difficult to Google, too many results, nothing that helps with my research. Which of the Blue Army’s is it ? There are a few teams in blue who have reached “a” cup final. Who could it have been ?

Sorry… Who…? Birmingham..? Yeah right.
If you do know which club claims ownership to this one I’d like to hear.

In the meantime grab this song and get your team to release it. Bring in some extra revenue:

» Blue Army – We’re Gonna Win The Cup

Bonus Song:

Hey how about a cheap cut-price song if you win your league ?
Again this is one that is already made and can be tailored to fit your club. It comes courtesy of a well known artist this time.

Released in 2002 and as far as I can tell, wasn’t done to coincide with the World Cup that year. In fact I can’t find for what reason they recorded the song. They might have had the aim of getting somebody, some team to pick it up and use it for themselves, but nobody spotted the potential here.

Well suited for when your team clinches the title:

Right Said Fred - Stand Up For The Champions

» Right Said Fred – Stand Up (For The Champions)

Sample lyrics: “Here we go it’s getting close/ Now it’s just who want it most/ It’s just life that’s how it is / Cause we have our strengths and weakness’s/ Oh I have vision oh can’t you see /I’m on the move make way for me.”
and there’s a video which you’ve got to see to err.. believe…

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