Fandabi… Please Kill Me Now

The original intention this week was to post contributions sent to me by the prediction league players DaveC and MickMills. But since we’ve descended into a light entertainment hell I might as well swim around in this lake of fire for a bit.

I was going to save this next one for the next time that Scotland play, to remind them of a Scotia World or European footie/musical past which was bad at one point… but at one point it was even worse that you can imagine.

No you can’t. Don’t even try. Trust me. You really don’t want to remember this next one.

Scotland. 1982 World Cup.

“Aye.” You say. “BA Robertson, John Gordon Sinclair and all that. It was nae that bad. Pretty funny actually.”

And I agree. As I said on that post it in my top 5 of favourite footie and musical recordings. But let me add two more words which will rewrite the history and will inflict pain upon reading:

The Krankies.

Fandabidozie !

I always thought it was a bit creepy – that bloke with a schoolboy.
Yes we all knew it was a girl. The same way everybody knew Boy George was a girl, but still…

If that memory doesn’t scare you then please let me assault you with this:

The Krankies - We're Going To Spain

Your eyes do not deceive. What you are seeing there according to this page is the “Official 1982 UK 7″ for the Scottish World Cup team”. There is the addition of the official 1982 Scotland World Cup Mascot called Sandy on the cover to back this up. Plus the SFA copyright below his boot.

Still not a dream.. nightmare more like. It happened. It really happened.
I tried to search for any more info on this offence to… well basically everything that is well and good, but couldn’t find anything. I also searched for information about Sandy, the badly drawn mascot, but again results came up as nought. There was obviously a scorched earth campaign by the Scottish FA to wipe all records, to remove any evidence that it ever existed.

But somehow it survived… like Jason in those Halloween movies, it just will not die.

Please try to remain calm during the playback :

» The Krankies – We’re Going To Spain

3 Replies to “Fandabi… Please Kill Me Now”

  1. Martin says:

    Just to let you know that it was real!!

    My sister was in the ‘backing group’ which was the primary 7 class from Pencaitland Primary School. It was made in the recording studio in the village so they used the school for the backing signers!!!

    They appeared on STV news as well……… then vanished from the face of the earth!

    A good claim to fame though!

    1. carey moss says:

      hi in reply to the krankies recording with pencaitland school singing were going to spain yes this really happened im one of those singers , we had a fantastic day at the recording studios in pencaitland , we had a lovely time with the krankies they were lovely , we were on the news too

  2. pete john marsall says:

    i was in the final to be the actual real life Sandy mascot and have a life size version still up loft, lol. i also can’t find newspaper archive photos of the centre page competition with my picture to be voted on .


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