They actually did it. At one point it looked like they were going home, but somehow they pulled it off.
Oh and the USA are in Confederations Cup Final too.

Thanks to 3rd Degree for discovering the following...

Rivers Cuomo

The chap above there is Rivers Cuomo (what a great name). He’s the lead singer of Weezer, who some of you will remember for that fantastic video. – More about that coming up.

As the above linked 3rd Degree website found out (via The Offside Rules blog) Rivers is a big soccer footie follower. He’s an LA Galaxy fan and regularly watches the Premier League.

Snippet via his Wikipedia entry:

Cuomo is a big fan of soccer. He can be seen playing in the “Photograph” video and even planned his band’s 2002 “World Cup Tour” around World Cup games. In 2006 he reportedly wrote a song titled “Our Time Will Come” in tribute to the U.S. men’s soccer team.[see below] He claims his favourite player is Landon Donovan, enjoys watching the Premier League and is both a Los Angeles Galaxy and New England Revolution fan. In early 2008 he played in the Mia (Hamm) & Nomar Celebrity Soccer Challenge and scored a goal in the game. His video for “Lover in the Snow” from his Alone album [again see below ] dealt with this game and his love of soccer.

In 2007 he released an album of home demo’s called Alone: The Home Recordings Of Rivers Cuomo and then a year later a “sequel” which included the (slightly) renamed track about the US Soccer team:

The US Soccer team salute after scoring » Rivers Cuomo – My Day Is Coming

Excellent tune. I love this. Anybody who manages to get “Carlos Bocanegra” into a song is all right by me.

– As mentioned by 3rd is this track (Lover In The Snow) from the first album in which Rivers gives us the back story and why he loves soccer so much:

» Link to video

Extra Time: Another one from his 1st CD and the demo version of a familiar song…

» Rivers Cuomo – Buddy Holly

Another great one, never get sick of this track.

So best of luck to the USMNT with their match against Brazil.
And hey… you never know. It’s – as many, including me, have said before – football.

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