This is the first post in another theme week.

Football and music are two strangers which should pass in the night, but as we know they didn’t. They bumped into each other, clicked immediately and went to the pub to celebrate.

We have witnessed the unholy results of their union. It is a collaboration that shouldn’t exist. It sometimes works, but in nearly all the cases, does not.

The months turn to December, footie and music spot the Chrimbo season across the bar and is invited to join them. The end of the world is indeed, nigh.

Evidence of the beginning of the end is posted below. More to be posted throughout the week. You should full expect to see the 4 horsemen by Friday.

Is that Barry Hearn, the chairman of Leyton Orient still involved in the snooker and boxing ? That’s another couple of unlikely bedfellows and I think that music got in between the sheets with them too, but that’s another dark path that I am not going down. No way.

Clapton Orient (as they were known) no longer have the “lowly” tag associated with them. They are currently 4th in Football League One and looking good for promotion. Barry has big future ambitions for the club including a move into the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 games. I’m not sure if this would be a good idea with Orient only attracting an average gate of 6000.. they would be lost in that huge stadium, but this is 6-7 years ahead and you never know, they could be a big draw by then.

Today though I am looking into their past and dragging up a bit of forgotten musical history.

I’ve tried to research to find out a bit more info about the following songs, but because of their titles it was fruitless. All I do know is that these were recorded in the 60s’ or 70s’. If you are an Orient fan or know more about the tracks then contact me. Until then time to put on your Santa hat and sing along to a Chrimbo carol with changed lyrics. I have no idea about religion and don’t know if this is blasphemy or something. More unfortunate than offensive to anybody.

Clapton Orient in the snow

» Leyton Orient FC – We The Kings Of Orient Are

– and the B side to that:

» Leyton Orient FC – Football Football

– Update: As mentioned by Spice Albert in the comments:

» Leyton Orient FC – Fantastico

– To wrap things up, a “bonus” track – the tune that they run out to:

» Herb Alpert – Tijuana Taxi

Again I did some research to find out why. Why this one, but found nought.

3 Replies to “When Worlds Collide”

  1. Okay, O’s fan here:
    Football, Football was released in 1974 with We The Kings Of Orient Are as the b-side. It was during the season that Orient nearly got promoted to the First (top) Division. They were both written by Alan Tew: ‘Football…’ is a generic football song and ‘We The Kings…’ is obviously adpated for Orient. I suspect that the b-side was meant to be the a-side, until someone heard how dull it was. In 1978, it became the a-side, as the whole thing was flipped and re-released to cash in with our FA Cup run (lost to lucky A**enal in the semi). Another single, Fantastico!, was released at about the same time as the re-release. (I’d love a copy, if anyone’s got one, though I have it on the double-album compilation ‘Flair 89’.)

    Tijuana Taxi was picked by former Orient announcer Keith Simpson in 1968 because he thought it was “bouncy” (detailed in the book available here: There have been many attempts to ditch Taxi, and it has sometimes been temporarily replaced, but it remains popular with Orient fans. Frankly, Taxi IS Orient. If you hear it as a ringtone, the owner of the phone will be an O’s fan.

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you very much indeed.
    I’ve loaded these three onto the iPod. I want to learn the words to “We The Kings of Orient Are” before I go abroad. Who wouldn’t?
    “…Brisbane Road is looking bright!”

  3. hi i have a copy of the record on ebay now if interested the number being 120801111633 or just type in LEYTON ORIENT FC,”WE THE KINGS OF ORIENT”,7″ INCH PROMO,RECORD.FOOTBALL,SPORT and it will pop up cheers anthony

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