Who Pays For Scarborough ?

A big thanks to Jim York who spotted these on the TSBB - Scarborough FC Fanzine.French fried at McCain stadium

In what is turning into a series (starting with Coventry and then Luton) we move next to another club which did actually meet their doom.

The 128 year old Scarborough FC ceased to be on June 25th, 2007.

But let us not be down-hearted ! A supporters trust was set up and as soon as the old club was wound up Scarborough Athletic Football Club was born.

A quick history of their demise and rebirth for those of you too lazy to click the above links »

Scarborough FC are… sorry were, one of those lower league clubs who were either skirting with relegation from the league or trying to get back into it.

They were playing in the old 4th Division from 1987 onwards, but on the last day of the 1998/99 season… Jimmy Glass. Remember him ? The on-loan goalkeeper at Carlisle finally doomed them back to non-league football.

From then on in, apart from an FA Cup run in 2003/4, they struggled to find any form. Then a couple of seasons later they finished bottom of the Conference, were relegated to the Conference North and during that time it was the beginning of the end. The club were in administration and they were docked 10 points, finally they finished 20 and were looking at dropping into the Northern Prem but the debts were too large and eventually they ceased to be.

As mentioned they have returned in the form of Scarborough Athletic currently playing in the Northern Counties East League Division One. At the moment they don’t have a ground, their home matches take place at Bridlington. They are hopeful though that one day they can return to the Theatre of Chips.

Music-wise and thankfully for us Scarborough recognised their mediocrity and took the first opportunity to record something.

This is what I like, this is what I want to see. Luton did it back in 1974 for what as far as I can tell was just for the fun of it and Leyton Orient did for something for Chrimbo.

This is a note for all over lower league teams – Don’t wait for an FA Cup final appearance. What are your chances of getting there ? Just get yourself in the studio and celebrate something… anything.

As Scarborough did when they were promoted to the League:


» The 1986/87 GMVC Winning Scarborough Squad – We Play For Scarborough

and the (instrumental) B side – listen out for the quality keyboard-does-the-chant/crowd noise near the end :

» Scarborough FC – Supporters United

Finally a half-decent punk tune recorded in 1998 from a band called Mr Bruckman :
» Mr Bruckman – Boro Till I Die

2 Replies to “Who Pays For Scarborough ?”

  1. Jim_York says:

    Cheers for posting but I’m not actually responsible for that site, just a York fan who looks fondly at our cousins along the road. An email to the owner might be appropriate.

  2. James Hunter says:

    Hi there – thanks for the email! And thanks for spreading the word of us poor Scarborough souls a little further! The website I made over a three month period of unemployment (I had nowt better to do and my girlfriend of the time was boring!)

    Anyone is free to download the music as they wish and navigate the site (which as been left as it was since the day SFC went bust last summer).

    Also anyone can visit http://www.scarboroughathletic.com and http://www.seadogtrust.com to see what is currently going on with football in Scarborough – which is needless to say – lots!

    Take care all – James H


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