You knew this one was coming…


One of the highest searches to the site was: "vuvuzela sound clip" but I have bad news for all of you looking for any such thing here, I’m not going to help you populate this annoyance.
I don’t know why people want this… is it for a mobile phone ringtone or something ? Either way as I said I’m not going to assist, look elsewhere for that.

Another search is for a question that I was actually thinking about… "songs using a vuvuzela"
The answer to that is yes, there are a few tunes out there utilizing the instrument that we love to hate.

– This one via You Tube from a user called Uncle Vuvuzela, who mixed in some news clips:

» Uncle Vuvuzela – Prrrtpt (Play with the tongue)

– The next one was released back in November 2009, so we’ve had a long time to be aware and to prepare ourselves for this honking nightmare…

This was done by DJ Sbu who actually is a DJ. His vuvuzela song was done to cheer on the Bafana Bafana – who kick off in their 2nd match in a couple of hours. So best of luck to them, I do hope they make it to the next round.

DJ Sbu » DJ Sbu – Vuvuzela Bafana


This via 101 Great Goals – A clip of Dave Henson… I think it was on Radio Five Live… with a song involving the dreaded vuvzela and the Rhianna tune ‘Umbrella’. Here he gives his up-to-the-minute musical assesment of the World Cup so far…

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