Vote for Pedro

Ah the poor kid… Who hasn’t been in that position of being in a World Cup Semi and having that opportunity to guarantee their appearance in the Final… Who hasn’t…

Well ok none of us have.

I mean if it was you in that same sort of scenario in a pub match for insta… I’ll stop myself there. As if anything like that would happen to any of us.

Maybe it was something with the in-form player seeing the out-of-form Torres waiting for the pass and some inexperience or over confidence thinking that he could slot it in himself, rather than risk knocking it to Fernando who might have blasted it over the bar himself. You never know.

I still like this bright light that shone in the match. He was more lively, created opportunities than we saw from the Liverpool striker. I predict that we’ll be hearing more about Pedro next season. But please don’t take my predictions seriously, I don’t have octopus-like abilities. Before this I tipped Germany to go all the way.

So onto some music then… some Spanish songs in relation to the World Cup…

Well compared to England and Germany, who saturated the market with hundreds of musical efforts, sadly there isn’t much of anything out there. But thanks to Ruiz who answered my call when I put out an appeal on Twitter for any Spain/WC songs.

Today’s featured song is from Luis Ramiro and Marwan who specially composed this for the 2010 WC:

Luis Ramiro and Marwan » Luis Ramiro & Marwan – Song Of The World

Ah (I think) he didn’t even get a mention in that song… VOTE FOR PEDRO !

Additionally there’s this one from Ketama who’s song has bugger all to do with football but this track was included on a previous compilation album released to tie in with the tournament. An album like the song that again had bugger all to do with footie. But it’s very catchy and I like it.

Ketama » Ketama – Agustito (Euro 2000 Mix)

I still have more Spain songs, but it all depends on how they do on Sunday…

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