Better get this one done before he's mutually concented...

Wrapping up the Arsenal thread with a revisit to the subject which began this journey.

(I know technically it started with David Seaman, but that was a pisstake done by some Spurs fans.)

Fortuitous timing too because Tony Adams might be in the headlines again very soon…

Which way is the exit...?
Which way to the exit now…?

But this isn’t about him taking Pompey to 14th in the table, out of the FA Cup and in the 20 games he’s had in charge so far they’ve only won 4, drawn 7 and lost nine… Nor is it about his previous stewardship at Wycombe where in his 53 games in charge they won 12, drew 21 and lost 20 before he jumped ship when they were in 17th place in Division Two…

This is about his salad days back up the Arse with his mates:

Big Heeeeeeds !

*Heads show are actual size

This one is another by yesterday’s featured act Don Sebastiano under the guise of ‘The A Team’ and in which I’m supposing (because I don’t have any information) that this is a Star Wars timeline type of thing – in that he may have done the Arsene Wenger on Bass song first and then did this as “prequel” to it after that.

» The A Team – Ooh Ooh Tony Adams
(Again like yesterday it gives a shout out to members of the (90’s) Arsenal team as well as a nod to… well have a listen right at the end.)

And finally… A taster/teaser for another N17 feature to come in the future: A snippet from the soundtrack from one of the few decent movies about football.

In this one Colin Firth puts on his best geezer and channels Nick Hornby with a quote about football and following the Arsenal:

» Fever Pitch Soundtrack – Football

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