The last word on all the EnglandneworderWorld In Motion material.

This is from last March (2009) and when they did Red Nose Day. In the following video clip Smithy (James Corden) is called to a posh hotel to do a plumbing job, but before he starts he’s caught short and going through a door thinking it’s the bog but is in fact a meeting room with some members of the England team. He takes this opportunity to give them some advice…

» Link to video

This is a related clip from the FA’s own YouTube channel on behind the scenes and filming of the above:

» Link to video

– All this WorldInMotion music and not the original video… better fix that:

» Link to video

AND FINALLY… Always end with a song.

Here’s a reprise in the form of a karaoke version sung by Ed van der Blade, who hales from err… Manchester.
His philosophy of life is: "When you hear me sing you receive a sliver of my soul"

So take it away Ed:
» Ed van der Blade – World In Motion (Karaoke Version)

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