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After their poor showing at the last World Cup the public have awakened to the fact that some players are no more than overpaid self-interested prima donnas. This has also affected the England-song-for-a major-tournament ratio. Two years ago (thanks to the sweet F.A. deciding their would be no official anthem) I was inundated with emails from budding amateur artists with their songs for England.

With a month to go until Euro 2012 this time there nowt * And I’m actually glad about that.
* Actually I'm lying there are a few but I'm denying their existence.
You’d think I’d be grumbling because it’s my stock-in-trade. Without these football songs I’d be nothing.
But if you had to sit and listen through what I had two years ago…

The less is the better.
It is quality you should have and not quantity.

Coming up to this tournament though and there’s no sign of either of these. So who to turn to..? Where do we go for our terrible tunes ? And the answer: To the celebrities of course !

And coincidently both “home” countries have gone with the cheezy…


Starting with the current king of all footballing catchphrases: Chris Kamara.

Kammy and the girls

He’s teamed up with a band to record a sing with profits going to the Marie Curie Cancer Care:

Chris, an Ambassador for Marie Curie Cancer Care, is donating 100% of his proceeds from his Euro 2012 Single ‘Sing 4 England’ to the charity, in memory of his mum Irene who was looked after by Marie Curie Nurses at home before she passed away.

Late breaking news: The Football Association have chosen it to be the official England/Euro 2012 song .

Yes so… err… because it is for charidee I will hold my tongue. All for a good cause and that…

UPDATE: The video producers very kindly emailed and here is the official video:

+ Thanks to a YouTube user who recorded an interview with Kammy on a local news programme:

» You can preview/pre-order the single via iTunes
» More about the song:
» Facebook:
– or if you really can’t stand the song and just want to donate to Marie Curie Cancer Care

Republic of Ireland:

Until now I never knew how bad Ireland’s debt problem was. I heard about their austerity measures but never realised it went as far as just using the one pop act to cover all major events.

Singing (and of course, for charity) for the Republic of Ireland is… Jedward:


….not content with supporting the Boys In Green our two boys have decided that this track should also support the brilliant work of their favourite charity The ISPCC, so all proceeds from this one are going directly to help the ISPCC continue their fantastic work for Ireland’s children.

Still Not Enough?

Well, how’s this? Ever the inventive pair John & Edward want to get all their fans (and indeed all of Ireland) wearing their special Green Capes in a show of support for Trap’s Green Army as they head to Poland so they’ve arranged that the GreenCapes can be bought at all Elvery Stores nationwide for €5.00 each, again with all the proceeds going to The ISPCC. Oh and in these recessionary times to keep the cost of the capes down they got the gang at insurance to sponsor the capes and thus make sure all the money goes directly to The ISPCC.

And There’s More!!!!

Oh yeah, we nearly forgot! Joining the boys in this their first cartoon video are a host of their showbiz pals including Mrs. Brown, Louis Walsh, Miriam O’Callaghan, Kathryn Thomas, Dustin, Judge, Zig & Zag, Bosco, Bill O’Herlihy, Keith Duffy, Jay Duffy, Bernard Dunne, Paul McGrath, Colm Hayes, Rachel Allen, Glenda Gilsen, Martin King, Larry Gogan and PJ Gallagher.

» Buy the song via iTunes (Ireland).
» or donate to the ISPCC (don’t have to be in Ireland to donate).


The above single isn’t the official single for the Republic of Ireland squad. The FAI, unlike their English counterparts pulled their finger out and got something sorted in plenty of time:

The Rocky Road to Poland’ has been recorded by Damien Dempsey, Danny O’Reilly (Coronas), Bressie and The Dubliners (John Sheehan, Barney McKenna, Eamonn Campbell and Patsy Watchhorn), and was written by the Today FM Show’s listeners. Also, all proceeds are going to the John Giles Foundation and Today FM’s Shave or Dye campaign for the Irish Cancer Society.

The Irish Euro 2012 Squad and Ray D’Arcy Show listeners also feature on the track which was produced by the legendary John Reynolds.

As you will see and hear from the video they have a much more sensible traditional Irish sound and yes… they have the entire squad singing (or more like chanting) on the song.

» Purchase the tune via iTunes (Ireland)
» or donate to the Irish Cancer Society
» and the John Giles Foundation

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