Variations On A Theme

The other day I posted some songs using the same chorus: “Olé, Olé, Olé” .

Today I have more tunes that put a twist on it and a link back to another previous posting…

» Starting with the most recent first: Euro 2008 and the Swiss pop star/rave expert DJ Bobo.

For the tournament he created a song to celebrate cash in on the events:

DJ Bobo » DJ Bobo – Olé Olé (Football Arena Mix)

Did cash in actually. He released an entire album of chant-like themes.

» Going back 10 years now and World Cup ’98 in France. This one was included on the official CD soundtrack to the tournament which was called… Allez! Ola! Olé!

Gypsy Kings » Gypsy Kings – Oh Eh! Oh Eh !

Lastly it is a thank you to sdg who contacted me to point this one out to me.
– It’s related to the first round of official World Cup theme songs I posted and links them with the Ole Ole Ole one.

» Going further into the past to World Cup ’86 in Mexico and a Soca group named Arrow sang I think more about the temperature in Monterrey rather than the football. Were they the first to use the Olé line…?


» Arrow – Hot Hot Hot !

– If you really like the song.. I mean really like it and the above hasn’t annoyed you, then take a look at a 1994 re-re-release which includes a World Carnival Mix, Outrageous Mix, Original 7″ Mix and a Drum and Bass Mix.

and… ..there’s still one more Olé song I didn’t include on the previous post or here. I’m saving that for another time.

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