The other day I posted some songs using the same chorus: “Olé, Olé, Olé” .

Today I have more tunes that put a twist on it and a link back to another previous posting…

» Starting with the most recent first: Euro 2008 and the Swiss pop star/rave expert DJ Bobo.

For the tournament he created a song to celebrate cash in on the events:

» DJ Bobo – Olé Olé (Football Arena Mix)

Did cash in actually. He released an entire album of chant-like themes.

» Going back 10 years now and World Cup ’98 in France. This one was included on the official CD soundtrack to the tournament which was called… Allez! Ola! Olé!

» Gypsy Kings – Oh Eh! Oh Eh !

Lastly it is a thank you to sdg who contacted me to point this one out. – It’s related to the Ole Ole Ole ones.

» Going further into the past to World Cup ’86 in Mexico and a Soca group named Arrow sang I think more about the temperature in Monterrey rather than the football. Were they the first to use the Olé line…?

» Arrow – Hot Hot Hot !

– If you really like the song.. I mean really like it and the above hasn’t annoyed you, then take a look at a 1994 re-re-release which includes a World Carnival Mix, Outrageous Mix, Original 7″ Mix and a Drum and Bass Mix.

and… ..there’s still one more Olé song I didn’t include on the previous post or here. I’m saving that for another time.

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