Before we go into the game tomorrow I want to bring up again a painful reminder from two years and two months ago. The last time we played Croatia at home.

I don’t need to add any more prompts, you know.

Derek says that it isn’t a revenge match, but again you know it is. Some of the players will also know and will have never forgotten the embarrasement, the disappointment and anger which luckily for them was directed at a certain person…

A few months after the singer/comedian Chris Cohen took the tune from a very popular song out back then and created his own lyrics in reflection of that match and especially of Second-Choice Steve:

Wally with the brolly

» Link to video

Audio Version:

A sad clown yesterday Chris Cohen – Tribute To McClaren

Now I’ve picked at that old wound, let us heal with another Chris Cohen football and musical rendition looking at our current manager:

Capello Chris Cohen - A Fab(io) England:

Stream only because this is still on sale on ITunes and 7 Digital.

You can find more about Chris on his website:

A postscript question: I wonder who ITV have got to be the pundit for the match ? Not this guy I hope.

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