Up until now I’ve only occasionally tuned in, but in the last few weeks I’ve become a regular viewer all because of the live match reports from the now legendary…

Chris "cool" Kamara

Many of you might already be familiar with Chris Kamara and his entertaining observations (and a missed one, as famously known now) for Sky’s Soccer Saturday. This post is for some of you who may not have discovered his genius and I urge you to…well the season’s nearly over now, but for next season you have to switch on every Saturday afternoon.

WAIT ! No… I have it. Why should we have to wait until August, I’m starting a campaign for the Beeb or ESPN (in the USA) to get him signed up to be a summariser or match reporter.

ESPN/USA have already got a few English commentators for their World Cup coverage – they should get Chrissy Kammy on board too. Better him than that Tommy “gobshite” Smyth.

Kamara became well known for his funny reports from the grounds and for that now famous remark.

Is that on a T-shirt…? It should be on a tshirt somewhere…   UPDATE: It is ! + Here too !

In fact it is actually on a horse – Chris and Jeff Stelling own a racehorse with that name.

Below are a few clips of the great man in action. Starting with his now most famous gaff:

Over 1.5 million views of that clip on YouTube now.  

Next some highlights of Chris in action (click the link to view) :

Lastly there is obviously only one tune that could accompany this post:

EMF - Unbelievable » EMF – Unbelievable (Boot Lane Mix)

» EMF – Unbelievable (Cin City Sex Mix)

POSTSCRIPT – My esteemed colleague at Fisted Away (who inspired me to do this post) after seeing the above pic, suggested that it looks like he should be singing this Rick James song. I’m thinking that if there’s another Sports Relief he should do a cover version for charidee. Hey, let’s start another campaign and make that happen too !

Additionally… I urge you to join: Unbelievable Jeff…The Chris Kamara Appreciation Group.

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  1. There’s no getting away from it, the man Kamara’s a legend. A leg-end in his own lifetime. Such is his comedy legacy that loads of the contestants on Countdown now use Kammy’s catchprase when expressing their surprise or joy to host Stelling. Unbelievable, Jeff!

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