Two Teams One Cup

Please don’t go searching for that video. Just… just don’t.

~ This is Part 1.   Part 2 is here.

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I’m glad to report that the F.A. Cup Final song is alive and well.

Well at least with Cardiff.

As you may have seen in the press they’ve found a semi-famous singer who decided to knock one out for them.

Snippet of an article via IcWales:

Cardiff City record FA Cup song

Apr 8 2008 By Simon Kendal-Williams, Media Wales

MOVE over Chas n Dave, Baddiel & Skinner and Englandneworder – Cardiff City are set to make an assault on the singles chart with their first-ever FA Cup record.

Broadway musical star James Fox has written and recorded the track, entitled ‘Bluebirds Flying High’, ahead of the FA Cup final against Portsmouth on May 17.

The lifelong City fan, who hails from Bargoed and is a season-ticket holder, decided to pen the song after Cardiff made it to the semi-final.

“It did cross my mind at Chasetown in the third round that we might need the traditional FA Cup song if we went all the way to Wembley,” said 32-year-old Fox, who represented the UK in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

“But as soon as we beat Middlesbrough in the last eight, I decided to write and record it…

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For your listening pleasure, a lower quality stream below.   No download because this is a current single still for sale.

James Fox and Cardiff FC – Bluebirds Flying High:

James Fox MySpace page
Buy the single

There’s also an unofficial song done by Stephen Light, an unsigned artist from Caerleon in Wales. Have a listen below and again no download because this is a current song still for sale online.

Stephen Light - The BlueBirds Stomp Stephen Light – The Bluebirds Stomp:

Stephen Light MySpace page
Buy the song

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  1. Gavelect says:

    Carl Dickinson put the boot into us at the weekend. Absolutely gutted. Traveled down from Ayrshire for this as one as my mate’s got corporate tickets through his work. Hate to say it but it was a cracking goal. Wee Burky had a great game. Although we travelled down and got beat we still had a ball. Traveled back to Wales in a supporters bus (sang all the way), had a party with the fans which was great and then stayed at the Village Cardiff Hotel. Hopefully be down for a home game after Christmas.


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