Ooh that Charlie...Giving the Away Boyz cover songs a bit of a rest. Might drag a few more out at a future time but for now I want to wrap up this thread of songs about Arsenal players with a couple of legendary forwards and then finish with some ditties about… ah you’ll have to wait and see.

The first striker post (geddit..? I’ll get me coat..) is one that those of us longer in the tooth will know. Pictured below in his heyday up the Arse, which is remembered well for his antics and his constant fallings out with the manager Bertie Mee.

In 1971 the Arsenal were in the FA Cup Final and he scored the winner which secured Arsenal the double (League & Cup) that year.

His celebration of that goal was one still well remembered as described here by the Beeb – and seen here via YouTube.

Charlie George

As mentioned he was trouble as Kevin Keegan will remember when Charlie headbutted him and as some Derby fans will know for when he scored against them at the Baseball ground he flicked a V at the home supporters. (Ironically a few years later he would be playing for them.) He was constantly disciplined by the club, but they never tempered his wildness.

Charlie’s form, as did Arsenal’s after their double season, dipped and he struggled with injuries too. Eventually he was dropped and walked out after an argument. He was transfer listed and in December of 1974 sign ed for Derby County.

After Derby he went on the usual footballer looking for a game journey through the clubs and the leagues. Eventually he retired and took the post-playing option which seemed to be the thing at the time – he ran a pub.

Nowadays though he can be found as your guide when you go up the Emirates. In the museum there is a creepy/spooky looking plastercast effergy of Charlie in that post goal celebration as seen below.

Charlie celebrates

– There’s a musical act called “Steven North and the Flat Back Four” who created an amusing song about Champagne Charlie (that was it – was trying to remember his nickname) and his time at the club.

Don’t know much more about this Steven North and co. They previously did a song – a rap actually – about Gus Caesar. I haven’t posted that one because well…it’s a bit crap. Yes I know I’ve posted worse but I want to spare you. Maybe another time if I’m feeling vindictive.

Anyh… for this outing Mr North and his backline give us a calypso, which must have been composed after they found and read the above article:

» Steven North and the Flat Back Four – The Charlie George Calypso

A bit tongue in cheek that one, I agree…

This next one is more of a serious tribute and sounds like it was done in the 70’s when he was still playing. Maybe.

The recording also has a school choir – they were from the Selston Bagthorpe Primary School in Nottingham.

» The Strikers – I Wish I Could Play Like Charlie George

Like the first song I don’t have any more info. If you do – or if you were in the choir, then please post a comment.

4 Replies to ““Ooh That Charlie George, Eh ?””

  1. I think that this was from his time at Derby County.

    Ken Humphries? was the man responsible and being from Nottingham he did a later version where he wished he could play like Stanley,Stanley,Stanley Collymore.

    The school was/is in Nottingham.


  2. What was the glam rock song charlie george released in the early 70’s, think he called himself gorgeous george.

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