Tribble At Mill

Tribble for…

Tribble Trouble Lord Ferg of the swamp. Who, just before the season started, decided to sell Rossi and Alan Smith, get another striker in who like the injured Rooney likes to play outside the box and seemingly he’s fallen out with Saha. You have to ask after all this and the missed opportunities to test Kasper on Sunday where he expects the goals to come from.

Poor old little Sammy. As a player he was a legend for the Lidipool, you could never knock the rotund one off the ball. After he hung up his boots he was also solid as the number 2, the right hand man, but now he’s been put up front and his newBolton can’t stop letting them in. Is he first up in the managerial sack race ?

The other big game on Sunday was spoilt by some dodgy effing reffing from Robbie “two yellow’s” Styles. From reading some of the reports and listening to the pundits who saw the match he had a nightmare of a game. He gave a pen that wasn’t and at the time looked like he gave two yellow cards to Essien. Because of his clangers Styles has been dropped from the next match he was supposed to officiate and apparently has rung Rafa to offer his apols. Who will probably not be all that forgiving because Liverpool will look at it as two points lost. The antics of the Chelski players has to be called into question too. Every time he blew the whistle for a decision against them, they were all in Styles’ face.
» Lots of Flickr photo’s of the match here

Quick mentions also for »
Martin Jol. Although Spurs put 4 past the Prem’s newest whipping boys, there are whispers that his bosses were over in Spain chatting up Juande Ramos, the Sevilla manager who before Sven came in, was interested in the Citeh job but is still wanting to manage in the EPL.

Jens Lehmann. Who seems to have caught (or not as the case may be) the Calamity James disease and let another slip past him. That’s 2 in 2 weeks now. Things will be interesting in the upcoming friendly on Wednesday, if there are any player fit enough to play that is.

And finally… James Richardson and buddies dip into the football pool with another podcast.

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