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This entry is an introductory to you about a group of musically inclined individuals who will be familiar to those at Gillespie Road, but not for everybody else.

This group do not have a recording contract… and looking at their songs I can understand why… I’m not saying that spitefully, but as you will see their output ‘borrows’ from other sources.

The group go under the name of the “Arsenal Away Boyz” and they are prodigious with their output, they’ve done hundreds of tunes.

Not much is known of them. What little I did find was this fan page on MySpace which tells me that there is a Facebook group for them too. Their modus operandi is creating songs that cover everything Arsenal the players. Cover being the key word here.

– Two here then which deal with the subject of Kolo Touré, the Arse’s current longest serving player, but not for much longer by the looks.

Toure pleads with the Ref

Song number one takes a familiar tune by Eddy Grant…

» Away Boyz – Kolo Touré

The next uses a instrumental hit from 1982 that everyone still knows…

» Arsenal Away Boyz – Kolo Touré

– –

…and of course it wouldn’t be right unless we have the tunes that ‘influenced’ them…

» Eddy Grant – Give Me Hope Jo’anna

» Pigbag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag

Additional notes: The Arse Away Boyz also have some song which their lyrics are not exactly complimentary about, in one instance, an ex player or about other clubs. It is a policy of F&M not to post anything that is critical (the David Seaman one the other day was a pisstake) or hateful of other players/clubs, etc. The first song is borderline on this.

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