Touched By Cicciolina


Heads up all you Grebo’s – Double your pleasure today with two recordings from the Black Country.

Staying in the ’90’s, even though it was (Radiohead and Nirvana excepting) a sh?t pointless decade, there was another band who worshipped the beautiful game, or to be more precise – an certain Italian prOn star-turned MP…

Pop Will Eat Itself or PWEI or the Poppies recorded some memorable songs, but today our focus is on Cicciolina. *ahem* come on chaps… not that sort of focus…

In 1990 at the height of the Italio house/dance/rave type music PWEI came out with a song in time for Italia ’90 which included footie-related samples, no lyrics – just a chorus, and had nothing to do with La Cicciolina, but at the time she was all over the place.. *ahem* again… thanks to her appearance on Rapido (she also had a minor pop career) and for obviously being an adult film star.

I remember and will never forget one famous occasion… I think it was after 1990, when she appeared on Jonathan Ross’ teatime (6pm) show when he was on Channel 4. After her introduction as she was walking out she flashed a tit at the audience. This was live telly at the time and none of that Janet Jackson nipple delay was in effect then.

Anyhoddles… to the music.

Pop Will Eat Itself - Touched By The Hands Of Cicciolina

PWEI – Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolina

Extra fact: Some copies of the single contained petition forms demanding that Cicciolina be allowed to present the 1990 FIFA World Cup to the winning team.

BONUS: The Poppies take on Peter Gabriel:

» PWEI – Games Without Frontiers

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02 comments on “Touched By Cicciolina

  • DaveC , Direct link to comment

    I had my IPod on shuffle today at the gym and the PWEI song came on. Now with the beauty of the digital clarity and headphones I heard some game commentary in the background for the first time ever. Is it from an England game? Anyone know?

  • Webbie , Direct link to comment

    I’ve listened a few times myself and I don’t know… I do think it is an England game, but the repeated sample is too short to hazard a guess.
    The commentator I would say is Gerald Sinstadt… maybe…

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