…Something more important than that. These are the ones from Wikio – and more specifically the top 30 football blogs in which Football and Music appears.


Wikio is an information portal with a news search engine that searches press sites and blogs.
With Wikio you can very easily create pages to follow the breaking news that interests you. Our info is continuously updated!
Wikio is a participative service: you can publish an article directly on the site or comment on an existing item.
You can also vote for an article or a group that captures your interest in order to increase its visibility on the site.
Each page offers an RSS feed that allows you to subscribe to receive the information that appears there in the reader of your choice.

I also got a message from Matthieu at Wikio the other week and he informed me that F&M was in the top 100 European football blogs too.

But more importantly – the numbers for the top 30 UK football blogs for July 2010:

Hmm…where I am…? Ah there – down three. Down three…?!

I demand that the maFIFA make an inquiry into this blatant (blogging version of a) handball !!

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