Stranger Than Fiction

This one starts out as strange and then gets a whole lot weird…
'Hold on.. *puff*.. I'm coming... hang on for us...'
Here’s a chant that Palace fans would have heard a few years back:

“He’s fat, he’s round, he’s taking Crystal Palace down…”

The Swede with a turning circle of the Titanic came to our attention when he scored the winning goal in their match against England which knocked us out of Euro ’92.

Well come on. It was the Graham Turnip era and have a look at who was on the field for us that night:

England: Woods, Batty, Pearce, Keown, Walker, Palmer, Platt, Webb, Sinton (Merson, 79), Lineker (Smith, 64), Daley

Andy Sinton ? Andy Sinton !

(Another shameful note from that night was with it being the last match Lineker played for England. He was subbed for Alan Smith in the 64th minute thus robbing us of a chance to equalize and him of equalling Bobby Charlton’s record.)

Two years later Tomas Brolin broke his ankle and was never the same after that. He recovered from his injury but in that time he was laid up Brolin put on some weight and never got rid of it. This didn’t stop Leeds United paying £4.5m for him in what turned out to be a disastrous move. In the 18 months he was there he played 25 times and scored only 4 goals in 2 seasons. After this he was loaned out a few times before Leeds eventually put him out of his misery (they cancelled his contract).

As we’ve seen with the choices by some clubs with their managers, nobody seemed to notice or learned anything from this and 1998 he became the assistant player-manager alongside Palace’s best ever player – Attilio Lombardo.
But the bald Eagle and the rotund one couldn’t keep them in the Prem and after relegation at the end of the season, Brolin finally took the hint and retired from football.

Nowadays he is a successful businessman and owns a Swedish-Italian restaurant (no surprise there then) back in Sweden. More amusingly he became the mouthpiece for selling vacuum cleaners online.

Now comes the strange part.

In relation to football and music and Tomas Brolin I found this Swedish language song which is sung to the tune of Dolly Parton’s “Joline.”   I’ve done a search but obviously since I don’t speak the lingo I can’t find any additional info. If you do know more then drop me a line.

In the meantime have a listen to: “Brolin, Brolin, Brolin, Broliiiiinnnn….”

Another Yorkie bar please

» Unknown Artist – Brolin

It's not over yet. Time for the weird part.

Another bit of lyrics for you: It’s my life….It’s my life….” [repeat ad nauseum]

Yeah you remember Dr Alban and that fecking annoying song which got even more distasteful when they used it on a Tampax advert.

Dr Alban is from Sweden and in 1998 he got some famous friends of his to appear in a video for his single, called Alla Vi (Friends in Need). These friends included Bjorn Borg…yes THE Bjorn Borg, and the Leeds United & Crystal Palace legend pie eater Brolin.

3 Replies to “Stranger Than Fiction”

  1. stytzer says:

    I always hated him, as I thought he was so arrogant. But I have to admit that he was an excellent player (and a big reason for Sweden winning the bronze medal in 1994) until he broke his ankle.

  2. Nic says:

    hey when he was playing in Italy, in Parma, he had great seasons; people there still keep a good memories of that wonderful team

  3. don Simon says:

    I can help you as far as the translation goes:

    “Brolin, Brolin, Brolin, Brolin, I beg you please, don’t take my man.”

    And now, well, things still don’t make any sense, do they?

    On another note the fat mans restaurant is currently and repeatedly in trouble with the law… for serving underaged and drunks I think, this time. And that song on the video, damn, it’s most likely the worst piece of music made throughout the entire history of mankind. If any of them still had any kind of good reputation before that, it’s now ruined for generations….


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