Now here’s something you didn’t know about Frank Sidebottom: The picture above of him wearing that shirt – it isn’t a replica of the team you are thinking about. Have a closer look at that badge. It is of a football club which Frank himself founded. » Timperley Big Shorts F.C.

Mr Sidebottom is famously known as being from Manchester but is actually from Timperley, which is a real place within Altrincham.
If you want to generalise, yes it is within the boundaries of Greater Manchester, but as Frank will constantly remind you – as exampled below – he is originally from and proud of Timperley.

Getting back to the football team though… The club was founded in 1990 and Frank is El Presidente and goes to watch them whenever he can (without his mum knowing), in fact he was down there last weekend.

The Big Shorts play every Sunday in the Altrincham & District Amateur Sunday Football League – First Division . If you want to go and watch Timperley Big Shorts F.C. play you can find their home ground at the Timperley Rec and you can get there via the tram from MCR city centre. This Sunday (March 28th) they are at home to Longhey Athletic. For their last match they got a crowd of 25 so if you go that will be…26.

– You can find more about Timperley Big Shorts F.C. on Facebook* and their Myspace page.
*You won’t find him on Facebook because Frank thinks it’s bobbins.

He hasn’t done any songs about the Big Shorts yet, but has a few which mentions the town village:

Frank Sidebottom – Timperley Blues
Frank Sidebottom – Timperley Sunset
Frank Sidebottom – Oh Timperley
This is a fantastic tune with added guitar + drums!
Frank Sidebottom – Timperley Travelogue

Click to view a larger version of Frank's Timperley map

Click to view a larger version of Frank’s Timperley map

Extra Time: Frank is your guide on a magical tour of Timperley:

Additionally: Via Frank’s World > Magical Timperley Tour. *Warning – music automatically starts*

Get Shopping:

The first three tracks are from his 1st best of album ABC & D which can be purchased via Amazon UK or via Amazon USA.

The last track is from his 2nd Best of… album EFG & H which can also be purchased via Amazon UK or via Amazon USA.

– Additionally you can purchase items directly from Frank via his fantastic ebay store.

– Also on t’internet: and

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  1. I can never see Frank Sidebottom without the Freshies’ catchy song, “I’m In Love With The Girl On A Certain Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk,” popping into my head. Curse you Chris Sievey!

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