Three Signs Of The Apocalypse

So then yesterday’s outing may have left somewhat of a bitter taste in the mouth but today’s entry will probably leave you spitting.

Something worse than that Villa one ? Shirley not.

If you put one of the teams on the North Circular, a musical-hall type double act and a seasonal event together you get…

*Looks for the 4th horseman on the horizon. Can’t be far behind*

Need more clues ?

It was around 1981 and this London team were, well the year was ending in 1… Plus they only had one musical act associated with them… Still have actually. Can’t seem to shake them.

Alright I’ll risk the flying shoes. The three (or four ?) signs are – Tottenham. Chas ‘N’ Dave and Xmas.

Spurs and the curse of Chas and Dave
The mockney duo wearing red and white there…dodgy.

– –

Let’s get this painful episode over so we can move on.

(To the tune of “Jingle Bells”):

» 1981/82 Tottenham Squad – The Tottenham Win Away

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