Last summer I received many emails with submissions and requests. Some of them gave me tips as that led me to discover some previously unknown (to me at least) music with a football tie-in. This is one of them:

With thanks to Dan Hobson, a Peterborough fan (and proud of it !) who told me about this next band. They were around (but not a part of) that early 90’s shoegazer scene.[See bio below].

The group came from that hotbed of music….err…. Slough… and they were known as:

Thousand Yard Stare

Nicked their bio from the NME:

Named, somewhat perplexingly, after the vacant look often associated with Vietnam veterans, Thousand Yard Stare are a quintessentially English five-piece band from Slough, Berkshire. The band was formed in November 1988 by friends who knew each other from regular evenings at their local venue, Windsor’s Psykik Dance Hall. The band comprise Stephen Barnes (vocals), Dominic Bostock (drums), Sean McDonough (bass), Giles Duffy (guitar) and Kevin Moxon (rhythm guitar).

There was (in 1991) mounting music press interest and support slots with bands such as Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Milltown Brothers and James. In opposition to the dominant “shoegazing’ ethos, the band always proved themselves highly vivid live exponents, if not as inspired as some of those headlining acts. Signing to Polydor Records for their debut album, Barnes” lyrics proved the band’s greatest asset, a little short of the stature of XTC while dealing in similar, neo-Romantic English themes.

What got the attention of the music papers and the general public was the Seasonstream E.P. which was recorded along with their first album. The lead track is the one that got Dan’s and my attention:

Thousand Yard Stare » Thousand Yard Stare – 0-0 AET

» TYS – Keepsake

» TYS – Village End

» TYS – Worse For Wear

– If you like that sort of thing then you’ll like this sort of thing.


Just went through my CD collection (I have around 5000) I just discovered an Indie compilation and one of their songs was included:

» Thousand Yard Stare – Buttermouth

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