“This Wasn’t What I Predicted…”

Didn't expect this did you ?Turkey and Russia in the Semi’s…? I betcha that before the tournament began when you downloaded and filled in your wallcharts, speculating on who you thought would be playing where and when, that you didn’t have either of these two going this far.

I bet you had Germany winning their group, with Croatia as runners up. Portugal and the Czech’s in theirs, Italy and maybe France or Holland and Spain with Sweden in theres.

Well I did anyways.

We were expecting the Germans and the Portuguese to meet up later than they did. We were expecting Italy and France to stage a historic match. We were expecting England to be there as well, but none of this happened.

With this pre-filled wallchart of mine I plotted how much time I would probably have to find and post some music for or about each participating country, but my armchair punditry failed.

I thought there’d be a few more days for Croatia so I could do part two. The same with the Netherlands.

As for the Swedes… I’m sorry Sweden. I had a few lined up but you decided to leave the party early.
I may still post what I’ve found of theirs because there are a couple of half decent ones.

What about Italy and France you ask… Hey whatabout Spain…?

I’d liked to have posted something, but I couldn’t find anything.

Singing-wise Holland and Germany were very, very well represented, with lots of acts err… getting in on the act. But when it came to some of the others, not even a whistled tune.

– Of course I may be wrong on this. My grasp of foreign languages isn’t brilliant and Google Translate can only go so far.

But forget about France and Italy, they are out of it. How about something from the Spanish ?

Football and Music needs your help – If you spot anything from España then contact me here.

. . .

Until then and for now a lower quality version (because the single is still on sale) of Natasha Marsh doing the “Queen of the Night” aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute:

» NM – QotN

I have to say that I find the orchestration a bit overbearing on this one. It almost overpowers her singing.

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